Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sarah Off The Grid ~ Master Retreat + Den

Hello Tuesday! After tackling the bedrooms and bathrooms for her daughters, Sarah is ready to give herself and Alexander a sumptuous, restful retreat in their brand new, off the grid, self-sufficient, forever home in the country.

The game plan for this casual yet luxurious sanctuary includes an uninterrupted sight line from the den to the bedroom so you can see the fireplace when sitting in bed.

The problem with Plan A is that a good amount of floor space was designated as walkway (a.k.a. wasted space) and the bed is a tight squeeze between the two windows.  The solution? Add a floor above the staircase, get a larger bathroom, and a way more efficient use of square footage!

Bravo to Tommy for spotting the issue and Alex to the rescue for the new bathroom plan.  This den now functions as an office, a private, quiet spot for the couple away from their guests, and a passageway to connect the master bedroom to the rest of the house.

To add instant charm and character to fresh drywalls, consider giving architectural fragments and one of a kind vintage furnishings a second life.  This approach almost always costs less than buying new (not to mention the exceptional quality and craftsmanship) and you get exactly what you want right down to the fabric as piping on your chairs.     

The light and bright palette with subtle patterns are purely divine.  Creamy white, soft grey, and pale blue, these are the colors of clouds and that is exactly what this room feels like: cozy in the clouds.  The panel detail is super simple to install yet so effective, sophisticated, and perfectly appropriate for a country home.     


Ready for a classic, timeless master suite that will take your breath away? The layering of textures and patterns on neutrals is beyond sensational.  The panel details with soft contrasting colors on the walls, the statement plaster crown molding that elevates the historic feel, the mix of florals, stripes, polka dots and solids for great visual interests, and the combination of vintage treasures with current creations, this serene, soft, and sophisticated bedroom is full of personality and it is 100% Sarah Richardson.  

A whisper of colors, that's exactly what Sarah achieved here.

Hello to one of the most luxurious and beautiful bathrooms Sarah Richardson has ever designed! The custom vanity with a makeup table in the middle, the amazing freestanding tub for an ultimate spa experience, the jewelry like bathroom fixtures, this peaceful and calm bathroom is nothing short of spectacular.  But wait, to top it all off, Sarah designed a stunning mosaic carpet and shower walls that showcase the magic of an intricate marble play inspired by Calcutta and Oriental White! 

Timeless classic design doesn't get much better than this and for those of you are tackling a renovation, I hope you are inspired to incorporate some of Sarah's design elements in your own home!

Note: all photos courtesy of HGTV Canada 

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