Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Sarah Off The Grid ~ Main Hall + Mudroom

Hello Tuesday! After a stormy weekend, the sun is finally shining in Toronto and we are ready to check out the mudroom and the main hall (which includes the foyer, the staircase landing, living room, the sun room) at Sarah's latest adventure to build her forever home in the country: Sarah Off The Grid.

The front hall is where you greet your guests and set the tone for the rest of the house.  In her forever home, Sarah wants her guests to feel welcomed, relaxed, and rejuvenated from their busy city lives upon their arrival. Well, nothing untangled our hectic lives better than a breathe of cool country breeze and this was exactly how I felt the moment I saw this space.

The crisp white paints on the walls and ceiling, the classic herringbone pattern on the floor, a 2nd life on vintage chandelier and architectural fragments for character, plus a pair of mirrored stars for a brilliant mix of country charm with city chic to create a stunning at first impression.  

Turn right on the front hall is an incredible landing space to the second floor.  That's right folks, this is just a casual cozy arrangement for a couple of friends to catch up and enjoy a cup of tea! I love that all the furniture pieces, lighting fixture, and the spectacular columns are all reclaimed items and yet the space feels so fresh.  I am crazy about that cream and grey fabric as drapery and the fringe on the chairs, I so have to try this on my next upholstery order!   

At the opposite end of this cozy seating arrangement is the mudroom and the powder room. 

After a few personal touches from Sarah and Alexander, this must-have space in the country is ready to face our Canadian climate all year round. 

The polished, smooth surface of these blue grey tiles means spotless floor is just a quick sweep away.  Another top tip from Sarah for a tidy mudroom: personalized baskets so everyone knows exactly where to find and put away their items.

Ready for the powder room? Powder room is probably one of my most favourite rooms to decorate because it's the one place in your home where you can totally go outside of your comfort zone and be experimental to wow your guests (here is my powder room for One Room Challenge Fall 2017).  Sarah re-purposed a pair of antique windows as mirror, created a vanity base that was once a salvage panel, and the blue stars on the floor + the blue marble-like ceiling + the pattern cascades from the pendants immediately scream starry night to me.   

Here is a real fun way to add personal touches in the powder room: a gallery wall of family photos + lots of room to grow!

What's behind a pair of vintage Egyptian pocket doors you ask? 

A sensational living room with everything one could hope for in their homes!

On top of character and charms from treasured furnishings and antique fireplace mantel, Sarah has decided to up the ante to create this breathtaking ceiling that are often found in historical homes: instant history in the making my friends!

The soft, delicate grey and cream palette is used throughout this spacious living room with not one, not two, but three separate seating arrangement for large family gatherings.  A roaring fireplace that's every bit as attractive as energy efficient, a personal gift from Tommy for special memory, and Sarah even tugged a pair of speakers at either corner of the room without us even noticing them (plus stereo system is housed by the sideboard ... clever!): this room will be loved by everyone for years to come!  

Last spot for today's tour is the sun room.  Surround by windows on three sides, this is the ultimate sweet spot on the main floor to be amazed and inspired by Mother Nature.  You all know I love a good fabric mix and in this case, other than the sofa and the tufted ottoman, all upholstered pieces and pillows are graced by patterned fabrics and yet this space feel so serene, elegant, and tranquil.  So much more for me to learn on how to master the art of pattern play.  

The heated floor and the chic wood stove means this room will also be cozy and toasty when it's a winter wonderland right outside the windows!

Sensational right? Wait until you see the dining room, the kitchen, and the breathtaking outdoor space next week as Sarah wraps up #SarahOffTheGrid! 

Note: all photos courtesy of HGTV Canada

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