Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sarah Off The Grid ~ Girl's Bedrooms + Laundry Room

Hello Tuesday and what a beautiful summer-like day in late September!  I wish I knew the weather is going to be THIS gorgeous and had booked myself a week of cottage relaxation.  For those who owns a little piece of paradise up north and looking for inspirations to reimagine your home away from home, you have got to check out Week 3 of #SarahOffTheGrid on HGTV Canada.    

True to Sarah's signature cottage style, this inviting and stylish bedroom is dressed in soft pale blue and fresh pastel green.  Though designed to be aesthetically pleasing for guests at any age, this casual yet serene bedroom belongs to Sarah's youngest daughter, Fiona.  A lover of nature and an adventurous spirit at heart, Fiona picked the gorgeous Deco Waves and Latticely in jade from Sarah's Harmony fabric collection for Kravet as the jumping off points.  

And of course when your mother is Sarah Richardson, your country retreat is destined to be filled with one of a kind vintage treasures (painted in white occasionally), an intricate mix of patterns, and a chaise by the window for a breathtaking view.  

What's the best trick to combine practical storage and an attractive desk? Check out this ingenious solution to sandwich a faux bamboo desk with two built-in closets! To free up space for a shapely mirror, Sarah opted to install a pair of sconces on the side of the closets. 

Here comes the ensuite and yes, this bathroom belongs to a nine year-old! Dynamite fabric as drapery, marble floor in chevron pattern with mosaic bands as accent, a pair of faux bamboo sconces, a free standing soaking tub, and a vintage desk reimagined as vanity ... really, who would not be jealous of Fiona? 

Now let's take a look at Robin's room: a vision in blue.  The blue and white palette is always crisp and fresh.  To make it appropriate for Sarah's teenage daughter and to reflect her personality, an eye-catching graphic fabric is used as window coverings.  A dynamic tropical inspired fabric as seat cushions on a pair of occasional chairs, and accent pillows on the floating window bench and on the canopy bed add a touch of whimsy + bringing the outdoor into the room.  To complement these bold patterns, sophisticated checkers and stripes were also introduced to the mix.

To add warmth to a cool blue and white color combo, rustic wood elements such as a pair of mirrors by the window bench, the wood frame on the headboard, and a beautiful chandelier were hand-selected by Sarah for her daughter!

Determined to give her new forever home character and soul, Sarah has incorporated salvage architectural elements in every room of the house.  In Robin's bedroom, both the desk and the floating window bench are supported by vintage corbels.  Fantastic idea of instant charm don't you think?

Two bathrooms in one reveal, we are surely in for a treat!  Similar in design concept, Robin's soft blue and white ensuite has a luxurious freestanding tub, a glass shower with meticulous tile plays, and of course a repurposed vanity that is truly a showstopper.  The white-painted tongue and groove panels immediately speak country.  Made out of solid wood, these panels also offer the towel bar some extra support for years to come.  

The connection between these two bedrooms and the Belvedere is this charming landing / hallway on the second floor.  Outfitted with wallpaper throughout, a pair of starlight pendants, a contemporary area rug that reminds me of quilt, and a pre-loved door with a new lease on life, Sarah has given this often-neglected space its star treatment!

What is behind the sliding door you ask? An attractive laundry room + office + craft room with a spectacular view of the fields and forest!  Why go for simple white cabinets when you can have blue ones in the country?  These cabinets are bright, fresh, and uplifting: all the elements you need in a laundry room and home office! 

What do you think about this week's makeovers? I can't wait to see what Sarah and Tommy are up to this Sunday!

Note: all images courtesy of HGTV Canada    

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  1. Looks amazing! I cannot wait to see how it all comes together. You are a master at mixing patterns.