Thursday, February 12, 2015

Artist Project ~ Faves + Giveaway!

Hello Thursday! After being inspired by all the incredible installations and innovative products at IDS Toronto over the last couple of weeks (kitchens, MAKER, Cubitat), I am ready to join the crowd for the hottest art party in town.  That's right, Artist Project is back next weekend and it is more fantastic than ever showcasing the visionary work of over 250 top contemporary artists from Canada and abroad.  

images via Artist Project
If you are in the market for an unique, one of a kind master piece that speaks to you, you have got to check out The Artist Project (February 19 - 22, 2015).  I have always been a fan of original art, and I feel strongly about supporting local artists.  Though I am no expert in judging arts, I do know what I like.  So I've clicked through The Artist Gallery online and have selected a few of my absolute favorites.

images via Artist Project
This oil on canvas by Agata Plocinski entitled King Arthur is intense yet calming, as though this guy's troubles are being washed away by the water.  Don't we all need a moment like that to clear our mind after a hectic, stressful day?  

images via Artist Project
The sculptural quality and the jewel tones of this oil on canvas piece by Sara Pearson caught my eye.  As I read up Sara's bio, her paintings intend to magnify the "refracted light and colors contained within gemstones".  Diamonds are a girl's best friend?

images via Artist Project
A bit daring with the subject matter and composition, but I am quite crazy about this photo on brush metal by Alexander Eros Rocco entitled: Tumble Dry.  I don't know if it's the contrast between the tiffany blue and magenta purple or the pair of legs vs the circle motifs in the laundromat, but I do know this is a fabulous conversation piece ... perhaps in my home!    

images via Artist Project
My fascination with clouds and attraction to all things joyful & purity have led me to the Liminal XII by Yang Cao.  Human emotion is a powerful thing and despite our differences, we all share the same emotional expressions.  Love, anger, sad, and happy ... today, I am delighted to report that I am happily in love.

images via Artist Project
And to celebrate the 8th annual contemporary art fair, the Artist Project is inviting two of my dear readers and their plus one to attend the Opening Night Party next Thursday, February 19th.  To take home a pair of tickets to the party, drop me a line to let me know which piece from the Artist Project's website speaks to you.  Two lucky winners will be randomly selected on February 18th!


  1. Thank you for making me aware of this event. I am definitely going to go. I like so many of them including some of those you had already picked, and also Alice Zilberberg's Untitled, 2011, Peter Chan's Catharsis and Ryan A Sobkovich's Dancing Shadow which is very Bert Weir!

  2. I'm really looking forward to attending this art fair. I love the Rocco piece you showed above, it's so colourful and playful. I had a look around at the Artist Project's website and it's too hard to pick just one favourite piece! So here are my top three:

    Alice in Wonderland by Alice Zilberberg
    Three Shades by Kevin Viner
    Into the Winery by Julia Veenstra

    Hope to bump into you at the show!