Thursday, August 7, 2014

Project Chris ~ Balcony Edition (Take Two)

Hello Thursday! Life is certainly hard after a long weekend especially when you are stuck in an office and the weather is absolutely beautiful outside.  With sunshine + NO RAIN in the forecast for at least a week, I am ready to enjoy this much anticipated summer!

On that note, Project Balcony (Take No. 2, I must say) is ready for business and this time, Chris is totally happy with his space!

Take No. 1 was fantastic and I wouldn't have attempted Take No. 2 if it wasn't for Chris' concerns that the bistro style chairs were too narrow.  Comfort is key in Chris' book, so he "requested" a second makeover.  Here are my Top 3 Elements for this balcony re-imagination:

There are lots of patterns in the space via the custom seat cushion, the pillow, the rug, the screen, and even the basket weave on the chairs.  However, these patterns all work together beautifully with the masculine stripes complemented by the organic circle motif, and what's more perfect than a palm leaf pattern as accent pillow?

Chris loves wood and you will find a healthy dose of these natural beauties via the mid-century inspired chairs (HomeSense), the sleek coffee table (West Elm), and of course our floor (IKEA). I couldn't just have it as woodland all the way, so I added softness through a tightly woven flat weave rug and linen fabrics on the pillows.

Comfortable seating + low maintenance are also very important.  These chairs have a wide seat with a deep curved back, which translates to maximum comfort.  The seat cushions that came with the chairs were upholstered in dark grey and my heart desired a pop of colour.  The end result? A bright pop of  mandarin orange!  By covering the seat cushions in outdoor fabric means we also won't have to worry about those afternoon rain.

With stripes on the floor, I knew I wouldn't want more stripes on the seat but I was madly in love with this orange and cream stripe fabric.  What did I do? I have the stripes sawn into a chevron pattern and use the orange stripe as the "height" and the white stripe as pipping so they read as solid.  The chevron seat cushion also echoes the palm leaf pattern on the throw pillow.    

With so much going on with our daily lives, I want to be able to just relax in this little piece of heaven.  That's why I have kept the accessories as simple as possible.  A bowl of seasonal fruit (these peaches were delicious by the way) and a bouquet of flowers from the local farmer's market were all I needed in this space.

I of course wouldn't resist the temptation of a little shiny at the balcony.  The side table came with an antique brass base + little dots inlay on the wood top, while this large brass lantern with a nautical sensibility offers me a hint of luxe I am after.

So you like this balcony makeover and what to recreate the look? Here are some fabulous products I found online.

fabrics: Tonic Living / chairs / rugs: Dwell Studio / table & screen: Black Rooster Decor / concrete planter: etsy
So friends, are you ready for the summer? 

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  1. The first go at the balcony was beautiful but I LOVE this! Love all of the colour!