Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Fun ~ 07.13.2014

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? Yours truly has caught a mild stomach bug and wasn't 100% for the last few days.  Nonetheless, I still managed to get a few things wrapped up at #ProjectChris.
  1. vinage faux bamboo stool revitalization with Pop Flower from Kravet and brass nailheads
  2. custom drapes with chic ikat polka dots from Tonic Living
  3. vintage coffee table from Tribute Decor was in and third times a charm (yes I had tried out 3 coffee tables)
  4. DIY barn board island facelift is finally completed (thanks Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe for inspirations)    

We've also hung most of the artworks over the weekend, and the living room at #ProjectChris is fully done! Now we just need to get the other rooms all dressed up! 

I decided to take my stomach for a test on Saturday night as Chris and I met up with a couple of friends for dinner at RedHouse.  Absolutely delicious and I am so heading back for another dinner next weekend! 

images re: restaurant, logo, and chefs via Red House
Chris also brought this video to my attention and I actually rather like their performance.  Enjoy!


  1. the living room looks amazing, Tim! so good!

  2. Wow, the living room looks ravishing, Tim! Well done!! Hope to have a coffee with you guys there one day:-)

  3. Love how that living room turned out! and love the rug!

  4. #ProjectChris is looking fabulous. You are a pro, Tim! Love the gallery wall sneak peak, and is that a cloisonné vase on your coffee table?

  5. Thanks everyone!! I love it too and had so much fun putting it together!