Friday, June 13, 2014

Balcony Makeover w/ Joel Bray

Hello Friday!  What are you up to this weekend? The forecast is calling for non-stop sunshine for both Saturday and Sunday, which makes it impossible for me to stay indoor.  I will be in Waterloo this weekend to work on an island makeover and wrapping up the bathroom.

My favourite sewing buddy, Wesley of Wesley Seto Design, also texted me last night that the seat cushions and pillow cases for #ProjectBalcony are done.  I can't wait to go pick them up.  In case you are wondering: isn't the balcony done?  Well, it was until Chris told me he wanted different chairs and these are the final ones to stay.

While most items for #ProjectBalcony are sourced, I am totally inspired by this balcony makeover by Joel Bray in the July Issue of House & Home.  It's chic, sophisticated, and what a cozy spot to hang out with friends in the summer!

image via House & Home
Joel started with a balcony that many of you may have at your home: a rectangular box with a frosted glass divider as backdrop.  Determined to give this typical balcony personality and charm, Joel looked to Thomas O'Brien for inspiration.  

What a private sanctuary in NYC! The striped awning, the terracotta tiles on the floor, the chic wrought iron outdoor furniture, and lots of large sized greenery for a lush, sumptuous space to relax and unwind after a hectic day at The Big Apple.     

image via Elle Decor
And here is how Joel incorporated his favourite elements from the inspiration into his own balcony.  Joel started his makeover by laying down cement boards on the ground and adhering slate tiles to the boards with construction adhesive.  What a clever idea!! I have never thought of putting actual tiles on the floor, but I may just have to do that on the next balcony.

To achieve the cozy French courtyard vibe from the inspiration and some extra privacy, Joel installed lattice sheets in front of the frosted glass, have them firmly secured to the floor and painted in dark navy teal.     

image via House & Home
I simply couldn't get enough of the custom canopy.  What an incredible feature to cover the generally not so attractive concrete ceiling.  I may just have to add this to #ProjectBalcony.

image via House & Home
The terracotta and wrought iron elements from the inspiration also made their appearances in the finished balcony.  Joel toned down the orange terracotta pots slightly with a light grey paints, and sprayed painted the bar cart in matte black to match the legs of the table and chairs.

What a view to wake up to in this urban jungle right?

image via House & Home
Are you inspired? This could be your makeover project this weekend friends!


  1. I thought this was such an amazing makeover too! Fairly simple DIYs and SUCH a transformation. I put a Post-It note on the page to show my Mom since she has a very similar condo balcony that she wants to freshen up. Turns out she was flipping through the issue in line at the drug store and bought the issue for that very feature!

  2. I always love a well executed design plan, and when it involves diy even more so.
    With the number of condos in TO, which never seems to end, ideas for dressing up those dreadful concrete blocks are a great idea.

    Have a great time away at the cottage. I'm travelling into TO on Saturday to catch a concert as world PRIDE gets started!