Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Fun ~ 02.02. 2014

Hello Monday! Can't believe we just had another full day of snow again on the weekend! Mother Nature is truly not too happy with us this year … and I just hope this weather doesn't last much longer. The up side to the wintery weather though is that Chris and I got more things done + finalized at #ProjectChris.

Here are a progress shots from the last couple of weekends.  I am loving the overall design direction at the place and it's never too much to pair a pagoda lamp with a faux bamboo bedside table right?  The kitchen makeover is on its way with countertop picked and backsplash tiles ordered.  I intend to add barn board detail at the island and have found Stikwood.  The application looks simple enough … we will see how it goes!

The kitchen is also getting a new coat of paint and I am going with a warm white from Para Paints for the uppers and this hot new grey at IKEA is going to the lower cabinets.  A blue accent wall will wrap around the kitchen thanks again to Para Paints for coming to the rescue.

In case you've missed it, the latest addition to my SR furniture collection is Lou Lou bench and it's going straight into the den.  A sneak peek for the drapes thanks to Tonic Living: they are sensational!        

I am not a big fan of the builder grade tub faucets.  ODIN from Brizo, you look so good!  Chris also doesn't like his toilet and we went to The Home Depot to check out the throne.  Who knew toilet shopping can look so glamorous!  This one from Delta Faucet is looking mighty fine.   

Of course I could't help myself but to stop by my favourite HomeSense when in Waterloo.  Check out these goodies and yes, they were all from one trip, one HomeSense!  This location is GOOD! 

I was also looking for a pair of vintage doors to go into #ProjectChris to add some characters to this brand new building.  Timeless Materials in St. Jacobs is a fantastic store for vintage materials.  That pair of doors would have come home with me if they were not 8" too narrow! So I headed to ReStore and check out these faux bamboo door crashers!  $25 a piece and why didn't I pick them up?  

Now here is the door going into the den.  The size is slightly smaller than the wall opening.  I guess it would have been fine if I install it as regular door but I don't want to leave space for door clearance.  So I am thinking sliding door, and I am asking my Sliding Door Sensei: Christopher and Lisa on how to fix this fitting issue.  

My initial thought is to run the baseboard trim all the way to the top to fill up the gaps on the sides.  I will also have to lift up the door & attach it to the track system.  I don't want to door to look short … so I will probably need to add a couple of inches to the base of the door too.  

Any suggestions friends?    

Heading out now & fingers crossed it all works out! See you all on Wednesday!


  1. Oh man Tim - things are looking SO good! LOVE the bamboo nightstand and I think I need to go to HomeSense tonight to check out the mirrors. They always have a great selection (I've already bought 2 for each of my bathrooms) but I think that octagon mirror might be perfect for my entry. So so lovely. Must check it out in person. Unless you already scooped it up!?!
    Glad to see you went to Timeless. Isn't it such a cool spot? Did you go to the cafe too?
    I'm also a fan of Delta products. They've been very generous and my faucets all look (and work) great. My kitchen one might need replacing soon...I love the touch technology faucets.
    Rest up this week so you can come back and make more progress next weekend! :)
    p.s. Don't you love Waterloo? Move, move, move!

    1. HomeSense is definitely getting better and better! Not only do they have the look for less... they now often do have the REAL DEAL for less! Just crazy about all the RL items they have on the floor. The spring/summer preview was just absolutely breathtaking! I can't wait to see the gorg items in store!

    2. oh and maybe we need to go to Timeless for a trip next time when I am in town ... so need to try that cafe!

  2. A sliding door would totally work in #ProjectChris. The goodies you scored from HomeSense orchestrate nicely into a art deco theme.

    1. I know right Michelle!! Love the doors I picked up ... now just need to work on the hardware part & parts.

  3. I've seen some interesting door extensions with the difference made on the bottom by wood underneath, and a sheet metal wrapping overlapping the join to the original door and covering the seam, sometimes tacked down, looking kind of worn and industrial.

    1. Thanks for the tips Ben! was thinking about perhaps adding a metal piece at the bottom too.

  4. If you have any interest in this barn door with hardware it's sitting in my garage. I took on one project too many. The door I have is even wider then the one pictured.