Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Store Alert ~ White Rabbit's Room

Hello Wednesday! Hump Day with grey sky just makes me want to stay in bed and sleep all day, especially with me fighting this annoying cold.  Second appearance within a month!!  Anyhow, while I am trying hard to fight off this cold and get myself ready for IDS 2014 next week, my mind is heading back to a whimsy, cozy spot in Munich I absolutely adore: White Rabbit's Room.

I first noticed this lovely cafe / restaurant / decor one stop shop via my dear friend Igor of Happy Interior Blog.  I just loved his store visit that I'd made a mental note that I must check out this store … so I did during #EuropeTrip.  I never thought I like paper pomp pomps, but White Rabbit's Room has proved me wrong!  When executed artfully (especially with a grey and white palette), the grouping could be romantic and fairyland like … not in a kiddy way.

Speaking about the colour palette, the entire place is mostly dressed in a timeless classic black & white. I love the causal elegance approach to its furnishing and those white painted trees, FUN!!  Of course Mr. White Rabbit is the star of the shop and rabbit accessories are available for purchase.  To make the space pops, vibrant hot pink and bright turquoise accents were added throughout the store.

I visited the store right around Christmas time and hello to this refreshing advent calendar idea!  The boxes are bigger and individually decorated with a forest + starry night as backdrop: how cool is that?? I was also crazy about this "Merry Christmas" paper napkins and these paper ornaments in creamy white for a handcrafted, organic look.

The food and beverages at The White Rabbit's Room were also delicious, and can't you tell I loved this "rabbit's" stencil on the table? HEART!  I of course couldn't resist but to take a little White Rabbit back to Toronto with me.  This fun little post card will be framed up and be part of the gallery wall at #ProjectChris!

It's time for me to rest up now … will see you all on Friday! 

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