Thursday, January 23, 2014

IDS 2014 ~ Special Preview

Hello Thursday!  Hope you are doing well coping with the prolonged deep freeze temperature that makes it almost unbearable to leave the house.  In such extreme weather condition, don't we all just want to stay inside our warm, cozy, and stylish homes?  Well, fight that thought … at least until after this weekend because IDS is in town!

Since 1999, IDS has been the most celebrated design show in Toronto showcasing the latest, hottest, innovative design elements, destined to inspire our design-savvy eyes.  With thousands of exhibitors presenting their ingenious creativity and cutting-edge designs for 3 days, IDS is the place you want to be for inspirations and fresh new ideas for your homes.

You all know I am a huge fan of Sarah Richardson and I am obsessed with her fabric collection at Kravet.  Here is how I sum up my thoughts on the collection: the palettes are soft, the patterns are graphic and delicate, and the quality are superb!  Sarah and Tommy did a feature exhibit back in 2011 and I have been wishing hard since for an encore.  Well, wishes sometimes do come true!

image via Sarah Richardson Design
Sarah and Tommy were hard at work yesterday putting the "Home Office" with literally everything covered in her fabrics.  From furniture pieces, vintage loves, inspirational board, to feature wall, every item was hand selected by the design duo and the palette: Sarah's signature blue & white!   

images via Sarah Richardson Design
Here is a sneak peek of the amazing home office.  It is definitely a must-visit at IDS this year.

images via Sarah Richardson Design
Another one of my favourite spots at IDS is Cocoon (you can also check out Cocoon at IDS 2013 here).  The much anticipated Aerin Lauder collection is here and it is beautiful! I am already sold on the tray, and check out that chandelier!!

images via Cocoon
Andrew Richard Designs is my go to spot for sleek, sexy, modern outdoor living/entertaining inspirations.  Year and year, Andrew Richard Designs has indulged us with sensational exhibitions.  Here are the fine examples from the last 4 years:

images via Andrew Richard Designs
For IDS 2014, Andrew Richard Designs is ready to introduce us to the "Mixed Weave Prague" pattern! I love the intricate blends of black & white + grey in ARD's signature weaves.  Can't wait to check this out in person.

images via Andrew Richard Designs
See The Light is one of the key feature exhibits at IDS 2014 and it is determined to open our eyes to the possibility of designing a space with striking lighting fixtures as the jumping off point.  My design process often begins with fabrics or wallpapers ... this is an exhibit I must check out!

images via IDS 2014
A quick chat with my friends at Style Garage and Gus* Modern led me to Solo Home.  It is a prefab home fills with contemporary furnishings and modern day technologies + streamlined landscaping design.  Want to give your home away from home (a.k.a cottage for us Canadian) a facelift this year, check out Solo Home.

images via IDS 2014
Obviously there are so many more exciting exhibits to show you and here is a fantastic video that sums up all the highlights.  Check this out!

The Party is on this evening friends and tickets are still available.  If you are in Toronto, this is the party you won't want to miss.  You can purchase your tickets here.

image via IDS 2014
It is time for me to get ready for IDS 2014! I hope to see you all at the show and be sure to drop me a note of what caught your eyes!

And don't forget, the lovely and talented Lisa Canning will be at IDS this weekend to answer your design/ renovation questions.  Be sure to check out National Bank Design Stop and bring your pictures, fabric swatches, and inspiration images for Lisa's expert advices!
images via Lisa Canning Interiors
Also on Sunday, Sarah will be chatting with Mark on how to create a beautiful and happy home at the Main Stage at 3pm.  You won't want to miss it!

image via IDS 2014
Happy IDS 2014 friends!!

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