Monday, August 12, 2013

Outdoor Love + Weekend Fun ~ 08.11.13

Hello Monday! How was your weekend friends? Mine was more eventful than originally planned with a trip to the Toronto Island, an exciting afternoon at Taste of the Danforth, and some serious trim sourcing for new drapes in my bedroom.  Before I share with you my weekend fun, here is my camping trip last weekend all in the name of #wildernesslove!

This was the spectacular view at my camping site. Calming, rejuvenating, and inspiring, that is the power of Mother Nature.  Got to love and appreciate what nature has to offer, and it is very important that we all need to take an active role to ensure such precious natural resources are preserved for future generations to enjoy + admire.

Here are the highlights of my favourite moments during the trip:

Day 1: spotted this bright yellow mushroom

Day 2: the magic mushroom grew taller and wider

Day 3: enjoyed the delicious macaroons from Bobbette & Belle, wilderness style (thanks HomeDepot!)

Day 4: met Mr. Foxy at the marina.  

Of course I couldn't resist sitting under the bright blue sky for a little extra Vitamin D.  Our camp site has a big flat rock, making it the ultimate sweet spot for some sun and a quick dip in the refreshing lake.

Our meal plan at #wildnernesslove was rather elaborated and for a pleasant surprise, our camp site was filled with wild blueberry brushes.  100% organic my friends and we had turned them into super tasty blueberry pancakes, pairing with sausages from the farmer's market glazed with organic maple syrup.  SO GOOD!

We also met a new snake buddy during the trip.  Check out our close encounter + my little filming director moment:

Fast forward for a week, Chris and I decided to stay outdoor to enjoy the beautifully sunny and warm weather.  So I took my Mr. Bike to the Toronto Island for a ride.  It was such a relaxing day and have I got a few model shots of Mr. Bike at various locations for you.  I felt like Amelie for a moment. 

A few of my favourite shots this weekend: 

One other exciting moment on the weekend was my trip to queen west to hunt for the perfect trim to go with this sensational fabric from Tonic Living.  I am dreaming drapes in my bedroom, and I want to take it up a notch for an extra shot of glam.  Option 1, 2, and 3, which one is your favourite?  

Speaking about bedroom makeover, the lovely friends from EQ3 has generously offered me a set of Marimekko Unikko duvet cover and shams for a bright, cheerful summer refresh.  I am honoured to be EQ3's  Blogger of the Month.  You will get to see the reveal real soon and in the meantime, check out blog EQ3 for inspirations!

via EQ3 
Happy Monday friends! xo


  1. Love that shot of you guys at the lake - wish I could have joined you! Canada looks so stunning, I really hope to visit soon. Promise to show me around?!

    P.S. I would have FREAKED at the sight of that snake!


    1. most definitely Mr! Come with Mr. T and we can all go camping together! Nothing beats having the sound of running water as background music before you zzzzzz.

      That snake really wasn't that scary ... or was I just camera happy and ignored the potential danger? lol

  2. Awesome pictures and you've captured all the rare and wonderful moments. Truth be told, I've never had such a close encounter with a fox and a snake...can't believe you went after it. :) As for the drapery I would definitely go with pom pom trims - white is more romantic and black gives more contrast.

    1. Thanks Michelle! I didn't realize I was that close to the snake until I rewatched the video. hehe

      I will have leaning toward the silvery grey option ... sort of want something different. Trend setting?