Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cottage Life: White Cabana

Hello May 1st!! It is hard to believe we are already in May as Mother Nature has just decided to give us a break for some sunshine and warm temperature.  That's right folks, we are reaching almost 20C starting today with bright blue sky all the way according to the weatherman's long range forecast!

With beautiful weather as such, I am sure the roads to cottage country will be packed this weekend for the lucky ones to open up their cottages for the summer season.  I will be in town this weekend but my mind is already mapping out my days at the cottage (yes Chris and I have booked a week long getaway with friends in June), and today, I am obsessed with this breathtakingly sensational lakeside retreat all in the name of white and cream.    

image via House & Home
Cottage living = causal living in my book.  So nothing too precious or I should be able to walk right into the place after taking a dip in the lake (I am sure Chris will love this idea).  However, I am not willing to give up style all together in the name of "practicality", and the talented Jenn Cranston has done just that with one of a kind vintage finds + a few cans of creamy white paint.

The trick to warm up a white box and to create a beach vibe is to pair white with natural colors such as tan/sand + add textile interests via bamboo and rattan.  I just love the simple daybed and folding lounge chairs for high style and yet completely practical (take the cover off and hello laundry room): these pieces are going to stay white and fresh for years to come.

As most of us only get to stay at the cottages on weekends, we don't want to spend time looking for things in the kitchen.  That is why I believe that cottage kitchen should be open concept + no need for closed cabinetry, so you can see exactly where everything is when preparing a light meal before heading back out to enjoy the sun.  I am loving these floating shelves with chic brackets as support via IKEA: they simply disappear into the walls.     

image via House & Home
The dining room is also a lot of fun with a mix of vintage bistro chair set + readymade table and bench from IKEA.  Nothing a coat of fresh white paint can't transform don't you think?  I am also loving the hits of black throughout this white and cream paradise.  Inky black adds depth, creates tension when juxtaposed against white, and helps our eyes to "focus" from one space to the next.  

One space saving trick I adore here is to incorporate the bunky for guests as part of the grand entrance (with double sliding doors) to the principal bedroom.  As if the interior isn't gorgeous enough, check out the outdoor entertaining + lounge zone.  "White Cabana" is what came to my mind, and this is space I want for my own dream cottage.  OR do I want to redo my balcony? hm .....

image via House & Home
Of course I love all the whites in this serene summer getaway, but what stuck me the most is Jenn's mix of high and low for an eclectic space with well-edited vignettes at every corner.  The look is casual, relaxed + a sense of luxury and class.

Most of all, Jenn also shares my theory of "shop what you love even though you may not know where to put it" ... yet.  Jenn started collecting the pieces for her cottage two years before landed on her stunning white box.  Once the location was set in stone, all Jenn needed to do was to pull the pieces out of storage and gave some pieces a couple coats of white paints.  The cottage was completed for enjoyment within a week!  Now how cool is that!

so folks, what do you like the most from this white cabana and more importantly, are you ready for cottage season?      


  1. Love all your shared photos Tim! So happy the warmer weather is here ~

    1. Thanks Wendy! I know .... finally the sun and warm weather is here! Can't wait until the weekend!