Friday, September 14, 2012

A Date with Prague: Part 2 ~ Shopping!

Happy Friday! Time really flies this week and I am still pinching myself to make sure the weekend is really almost here.  What are you up to this weekend? I will be out of town for a relaxing weekend with Chris.  A little farmer's market in the morning, a relaxing walk in the forest after lunch, and a delicious BBQ for dinner is just about the perfect weekend to me.   Wait, a weekend in Europe may just trump the out of town getaway.

Dreaming aside, we are home decor shopping at Prague today and that's just music to my ears (can't quite say the same for Chris).  First up is my new favourite wallpaper place, LAVMI.  Their wallpapers are whimsical, refreshing, and definitely charming on my book.

Check out these absolutely adorable wallpapers in the most cheerful colorways possible.  The designers may have kids in mind when creating these preppy patterns, but hey, who said grown ups can't enjoy a little blood orange boats in a walk-in closet, a series of anchors in the home office, and the classic nautical stripes in the powder room for a bold and youthful statement?

LAVMI also offers an ever expanding home decor line including bed linens, pillows, lampshades, wall stickers and more.  International shipping is available upon request and if you are in town, you definitely have to check LAVMI out in person!

Stop 2 is Hard De Core.  The store is full of eclectic and unexpected pieces from repurposing a black lacquer grand piano as the store office, hot pink floor tiles, trendy and vintage-inspired clothing, and unique home decor items from around the globe.  

I love these multi-purpose, birdhouse inspired wall units.  Designed by in-house at Hard de Core, these "birdhouses" can be your spice rack in the kitchen, the medicine cabinet in your bathroom, a super chic mirror + key holder at your foyer!

Then I spotted these cute piggy banks in polka dots and pin stripes, and was pleasantly surprised to see that they were actually from the Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories!

Loving these bear claw olive sticks and adorable bowls high in style both in and out!

Their visual displays are full of whimsy, and this head piece in a jar just put a smile on my face.  My eyes were also locked on this vintage pendant.  With a soft white skin and hammered brass interior, I was ready to take it home!  Unfortunately that was a store fixture and not for sale ... it would have been perfect for my foyer!

Speaking about quirky items, I have got to take you to Flamingo Park.  I have been looking for a cup lid for a while and here are a couple "mickey mouse" inspired options in neon yellow and fuchsia.   

Then this pillow set put Chris and I on high gear.  We both loved it and then Chris said "when will we use them and will you ever have then on display?" ... I guess it is always nice to have a practical partner to stop me from impulse shop.  Next time I will come back to the store ... alone.

The last store at our shopping trip is NAOKO: a store full of stylish accessories and definitely a dangerous trap for an accessory shopaholic like me.

Check out these tea dispensers!  I know I have a couple of tea dispensers already ... but I love tea and I need one at my Dad's house and one at Chris' place when I stay over right? 

I think I also need a few cups, especially when these are just too much fun to pass up.  Besides, I have never seen them in Toronto before, so I will never see them again if I don't take them home!

Yes I do have a few tea pots in the house, but not one that is fit for the Queen! What a luxe looking tea spot with the shiny gold crown for the perfect tea party at my balcony.  Did I mention I LOVE tea?

A couple of handy and practical tools in disguise around the house.  May I present to you a snail measuring tape and a grasshopper wine corkscrew. 

If you have kids at home, you may also want to pick up one of these soap dispensers for your girls or boys' bathroom.

Now for us grown ups, why not treat ourselves with one of these sexy radios, listening our favourite musics while taking a bath with Mr. Ducky.

After a day of shopping, it is time to stop for a coffee and I highly recommend Julius Meinl.  This coffee company has been in business for 150 years and I just love their stylish logo.  Whoever did the branding for Julius Meinl, genius and I need your number!  

The store is inviting, charming, and I love that oversize lamp for a dramatic statement.  The coffee and cakes at Julius Meinl are delicious ... bon appetit!  

Now if you are in Toronto this Saturday, here are a couple of sales you won't want to miss.  The 8th Annual Style Garage Sale is on this Saturday.  You can read my survival guide here.

image credit: Style Garage

Another exciting sale happening this Saturday is hosted by one of my all time favourite artists in Toronto, Alanna Cavanagh.  I loved her tea towel for the Bay so much that I framed it up as artwork in my living room!  Now this is a sale you don't want to miss.  RSVP with Alanna and you will get a 10% discount for all prints!  

image credit: Alanna Cavanagh
Happy shopping ... and good luck!


  1. Can we please talk about that anchor wallpaper?! A-dorable!

    Your weekend out of town sounds so lovely, it can be so refreshing and energising to change the scenery around you. Enjoy! :)

    1. totally! I love that wallpaper ... so chic, and it's from the "Kids" category! I would love to use it somewhere on day.

      How is your weekend looking? Helping mom with her home?

  2. Such cute finds, Tim! Well now I definitely have to revisit Prague!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. We should go check it out next time together Igor!

  3. The anchor wallpaper is too adorable!

  4. Oooh, love, love, love - most especially the wallpapers and that teapot!!! Which items did you actually get? Well, for sure we'll see it in your home as soon as you get back. Keep on enjoying Tim!