Friday, April 13, 2012

Week 2 @ Summer Home with Samantha Pynn

Hello Friday the 13th!  Though some may label today as "Unlucky Friday", yours truly happen to be bright and cheerful today to welcome a fun and eventful weekend to come.  I am also feeling extra perky today because I will be picking up a little something-something this afternoon.  Can't tell you what it is yet but let me tell you it is almost "priceless".

To celebrate the weekend and warm weather to come, lets think ahead into cottage season and check out the latest episodes of Summer Home with Sam!  

image credit: John Queenan 
In episode 3, Sam tackled Jessica and Wayne's dark cherry red "log cabin" and transformed this Muskoka cottage into a bright, cheery get-away for this busy family.   The cottage is charming on the outside and the interior is in decent condition, well-proportioned, and just need a fresh pair of eyes (a talented pair I must add) to help capture its full potential.  For that, the lucky Jessica and Wayne have got both Sam and Joel on-board to bring freshness and sunshine into their space.

image credit: John Queenan courtesy of HGTV Canada
Taking inspiration from its natural surrounding, Sam and Joel pulled together an adorable color palette of soft blue, cream and grey to really open up the space, while the shots of pale yellow add charm and just put a smile on my face.  The kitchen is now living large with glass upper cabinet and a fantastic island that offers plenty of prep surface, storage, and the perfect spot for Sunday bunch. 

Design Tips from this kitchen: create interest with two tone cabinets, install filler and crown moulding with big box cabinets for an expensive custom look, and break up a long "on-going" kitchen by building a simple "custom nook" for the fridge.  Now Jessica still have easy access to the fridge, and yet it is skillfully disguised behind to a soothing white wall doubling as a gallery wall.   

image via HGTV Canada
If you think the kitchen is calm and serene, the living space, my friend, is full of beautiful colors, patterns, and textures.  I love the asymmetrical lighting arrangement: polish chrome floor lamp on the left and side table + large yellow lamp (I want this lamp!!).  

Have to point out the drapes.  It is simple, elegant, and just such a Sam Pynn's signature touch!  The pair of teak mid-century chairs got a new lease on life with new mossy green upholstery and aquamarine ikat pillows.

image credit: John Queenan courtesy of HGTV Canada
Speaking about layering of fabrics and patterns, here is a close up on how all these patterns live happily ever after.  The jumping off point that ties all these grey, blue, and yellow together? The aquamarine ikat fabric by Dwell Studio for Robert Allen!

image via HGTV Canada
I simply can't get over this gorgeous ikat fabric and when pairing with this pale mossy green and soft lavender rug with a star motif, I am in heaven!  I seriously have to head over to ELTE to check out this rug in person!

You can watch Sam's behind the scene footage of this cheerful Muskoka cottage here.

image via HGTV Canada
Episode four started off like this: an outdated family cottage full of happy memory and load of "70s charms": wood paneled walls with matching cabinets, classic vinyl patterned floor covering, and a groovy star broadloom that Malcolm (jokingly) said he might just take it to his own home.   

This is what Jahnis inherited from her family and what she wants is Country Beach with a Cape Cod vibe.  It is a tall order but Sam and Malcolm has taken the space from wood haven to stylish, sophisticated country chic, all within a short 30 mins (TV time of course)!  

image credit: John Queenan courtesy of HGTV Canada
image credit: John Queenan courtesy of HGTV Canada

Elements I love about this kitchen transformation:

* two tone kitchen cabinet with soft cream on the upper and a sumptuous navy blue on the lower cabinet.
the kitchen has doubled its prep and storage space thanks to Sam's expert space planning skill in capturing the untapped potential of the spot left of the front door. 

durable and attractive vinyl plank flooring is installed through out to unify the space and now the room feels so much larger.

gorgeous carrara marble country top and shinny mosaic tiles backsplash adds charm and the classic elegant touch to the space (LOVE the marble camel back backsplash)   

image via HGTV Canada
Here comes the inviting and colorful living room.  The vibrant colors and bold graphic patterns of the fabrics are inspired by beach towels and bright sun umbrellas.  Sam and Malcolm limited the "loud factor" to toss pillows, the leading edge on the drapes, the ottoman, and a pair of vintage occasional chair.  This means shall Jahnis and Jeff ever get tired of the colors and patterns, all they need is a couple of neutral pillows and call it a day.  

To contrast the jaw-dropping colors and patterns, the rest of the space is painted in calm, quiet neutral white and grey with rustic charm such as the vinyl floor and the strapping details on all walls.   

image via HGTV Canada
I absolutely love these two transformations ... well who isn't?  To see Sam's walk-through of Jahnis and Jeff's cottage, check it out here via HGTV Canada.


  1. WOW!! What a transformation indeed! So fresh - I can't wait for the warm weather to come!

  2. I love this series and Sam is doing a great job...have enjoyed the show ...Cheers Frances

  3. oh yeah! Loving the show here with Sam's mix of patterns and how she injects a bit of glam and girly into cottage country!

  4. I want her to visit me in Vancouver so she can work her magic! :) I'm loving her show so much!