Friday, February 3, 2012

IDS12 at Starstruck, BlogPodium, & Canadian Design Blogger Meetup

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you enjoyed my top picks and recap of the feature exhibit "How do you live?" at IDS12.  Today I will be sharing with you my starstruck moments at the gala, what I've learned from the first edition of BlogPodium, and my highlights from the Canadian Design Blogger Meetup.

I had an amazing time at the gala walking through the exhibits, checking out the ingenious work of many creative talents, mingling with fabulous bloggers, and of course anxious to catch up with some of my idols in the design industry.    

Here I am ... all dressed up for "The Party" with my good friend and loyal reader, Michelle.  Aren't we the cutest couple in town or what?

It is always loads of fun to chat with Sarah from Wall Candy and of course my mentor, Jen from Rambling Renovators.   

Pam from Cherish Toronto and I are big fans of Elte.  Couldn't you tell we both love the mix of glam, nature inspired, and industrial furnishings at Elte? Love the self-taken picture on the right.  Can you spot me in the picture?

If you boys out there are jealous of me being surrounded by all these beautiful ladies, well you have got to join our chats on twitter, start reading our blogs, and join us at the gala next year!  Not only will you get to know us more as design bloggers, but you will also definitely be inspired by our projects and latest finds.

Here I am with Sharalee from escapade and Amy from Eye See Pretty.

It is nice to meet other male bloggers as well, and please welcome Ken from Fieldstone Windows & Doors.  He has been inspired by many talented bloggers and is determined to start his own blog in 2012!

Now here is the moment you've all been waiting for, me with Sarah and Tommy!  Can you tell that I was totally starstruck (again) and trying hard not to act like a teenage superfan?  Sarah was stunningly beautiful in this graphic dress, check out those sizzling heals in black and white, and she was still taller than me even with my 3 inch faux hawk!  Tommy was also looking posh and stylish with his blue & white checker shirt pairing with a bow tie in dark magenta.  

I had so much fun chatting with Sarah and Tommy about Season 2 of Sarah 101.  Can't wait to watch these all new episodes in spring!            

To wrap up my night at the gala, I thought I would have my"kodak" moment and looking glam with this peacock chair.  Man I felt like I was in a Katy Perry's music video!   

There is actually a story behind this incredible peacock chair.  Hard to believe but it is actually made out of the same solid counter top materials we use in our kitchen!  Talking about being out of this world creative with DuPont Corian.

BlogPodium was another highlight of IDS12.  BlogPodium is Canada's first and only Conference for Design Bloggers.  Co-founded by two amazingly talented and creative ladies with exceptional tastes: Lindsay from Little House Blog and Jen from Rambling Renovators, with the goal to inspire, foster conversation and collaboration, and strengthen and support the design community.

For the first edition of BlogPodium, we had Margot from Canadian House & HomeJen from Rambling Renovators, Kate from CityLine, and Kimberley from Dabble Magazine, sharing with us the art of blogging and how to connect with social media.

Before I share with you what I've learned during BlogPodium, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Leigh-Ann for being our moderator, and all our panelists for their invaluable tips and advices.  I've learned so much on how to become a better blogger and what NOT to do when pitching ideas to the design/ social media mavens.

image via Jason Hudson
image via Jason Hudson
Now here is what I've learned from our design and social media mavens:

From Kimberly:

Be original: both in contents and your voice/opinions/thoughts, and be disciplined to stay on topic of your brand.

Talk about Yourself: your readers and the social media want to know about your work and YOU: what YOU love, and YOUR personality.  Don't be shy!

* Do Your Homework: before pitching your work to social media, make sure your content is consistent with the overall direction of your intended audience. i.e. Don't pitch a DIY project to Architectural Digest.

From Margot:

* Edit: nothing attracts Margot more than a well-edited blog.  Select your contents wisely and be honest about your thoughts.

* Do The Legwork: develop a captivating story of your home or project.  Tell the audience your ingenious design ideas/solutions, the challenges your overcame, and always attach well edited pictures (no flash ...  please) of the entire house, not just the space you are pitching.  The senior editors at magazines love to get an overall feel of the home.  

* Crediting: nothing breaks Margot's heart more than seeing beautiful images or artwork without proper crediting.  The artist works so hard to create these images and please do your due diligence to search for the original source and spread the love.

From Kate:

* Entertain: TV is all about original contents and entertainment value.  If you are not camera shy and love to share your creative work on TV, show it on your blog.  Include a video for your DIY projects, do a walk-through of your home: this may just be your ticket to land an appearance on CityLine.

* Professionalism: making initial contact on public forum such as facebook or twitter is fine.  But when pitching ideas, please have the conversation at private via email.

From Jen

* Blog Consistently: your readers come back regularly for new blog posts.  So once you've established a "Blog Frequency", stick to it.  The last thing you want is to confuse your readers of when they can expect a new post.  They may not return after a few disappointment.  Jen's rule of thumb, blog at least 3 times a week.  

* Take the Opportunity: you never know what other opportunities a guest post or a pin may need to in the future.  Approach fellow bloggers for guest posts opportunities (bloggers go on vacation too and they would love others to fill in once in a while), and start Pinterest: there's no reason not to pin your own work.   

Thanks so much for our sponsors: IDS12, Delta, and olio board, as well as our generous supporters: Indigo Books & Music, Home Depot Canada, CB2, Benjamin Moore, Pure Green Magazine, Canadian House & Home, Butter Avenue, Milk & Cookies Canada, The Penny Paper Co, the talented and handsome Jason Hudson, and Faulhaber Public Relations.

Again, non of these would have been possible without the enthusiastic, dedicated, and super hardworking Jen and Lindsay!  Let put our hands together for our co-founders of BlogPodium.

image via Jason Hudson

Here are the red carpet shots of me with Margot and Michelle by Jason Hudson.

image via Jason Hudson
image via Jason Hudson
One does feel a bit like a celebrity when you have someone as talented as Jason to take capture your red carpet moment, and sharing the camera lenses with Kimberly and the blog superstar, Christine from Bijou and Boheme.

image via Jason Hudson

I headed to the IDS12 after BlogPodium for another look and I got starstruck again!  It was great catching up with Brian in between his shoots for CityTV.  I also had a great time chatting with Tamara about her new baby and my up-coming feature in the Style at Home magazine.  Yes, my home will be featured in the April issue of Style at Home!!

Me and my two gracious mentors: Jen and Lindsay.  You ladies are such an inspiration!

The Canadian Design Blogger Meetup, a festivity put together by Vitania and Daniella, where design bloggers get together to connect, share ideas, and have a fantastic time.

Cameron was one of our speakers at the meetup and of course shared his wisdoms on the hottest trends for 2012:

Trend #1: Don't be afraid of patterns.  Use them in bedding!

Trend #2: Incorporate Yellow in home decor.  Liven up your neutral space with yellow.

Trend #3: A rainbow of color.  You are only limited by your imagination.

Trend #4: Pretty and Traditional.  A project in London England by Sarah Richardson is the classic execution of this trend and it will be featured in Canadian House & Home soon.  For a little sneak peek, check out the two shots behind Cameron.  The spaces feature two sofas placed back to back and cabinet NOT painted in white.

Trend #5: Take cues from watercolors and use two-tone furniture.

The absolutely gorgeous Cassandra from Coco + Kelly also offered us many tips and advices on how to build a successful and influential blog including: develop a professional blog and cohesive brand, define style and discover your niche, showcase original ideas, and establish strong series.  

Thanks for your tips Cassandra!  I will be working hard on developing the DesignMaze brand, with the introduction of two exciting new series in 2012.  

And just as we thought the featured presentation was over, Vitania surprised us all by introducing Brain as our surprised guest!  Thanks Brian for sparing a moment in your hectic schedule at IDS12 to join us at the event.

A big thank you to the beautiful Cheryl for bringing Brian to us at the Canadian Design Blogger Meetup.  Not everyone can pull off a delicious one length dress in Kelly green and a leather jacket, and Cheryl was stunning in her outfit.

image via Alessia Lamonaca.

For those of you who weren't at the meetup, here is your chance to catch up with Brian.

It was certainly a fun and inspirational week at IDS12, BlogPodium, and The Canadian Design Blogger Meetup.  If you missed them, please be sure to join us next time! 


  1. Congrats on your April feature! Can't wait to see it! Happy Friday.

  2. Wow!!! Talk about starstruck overload!!! Lucky, lucky you Tim. What a fabulous group of celebs and bloggers. xo

  3. Me too! I'm so looking forward to March for the April issue to come out!

    Amy you will have to come join us soon! Perhaps the next BlogPodium or Cdn Design Blogger Meetup?

  4. You are certainly the man about town, Tim! A fabulous recap. It was truly a week of inspiration and you've captured all the details.

    By the way, LOVED your bow tie and faux hawk. You were one stylish blogger!

  5. Great recap, Tim! You looked fab at the party. It was great to chat with you through the weekend and thanks for the lovely compliment. Can't wait to check out your place in the April issue.

  6. It was certainly a fun night for all. From the delicious cupcakes to the complimentary champagne - yum! Thanks for introducing me to so many fabulous bloggers. It was nice to finally chat with many gals whom I read each day. By the way you were nothing but cool and collected while chatting with SR. My favourite moment was when she said, "Tim you've changed your hair." You seemed like old friends that went back years! Loved being there for your super fan moment.

    PS - love the peacock chair photo. Indeed it would fit right in with Katy Perry. Happy weekend!

  7. congrats on the feature on Style at Home! You look so great, Tim ! I like the tangerine belt with jeans:) By the way, you look so relaxed and calm in the pic with Sarah and Tommy ! Thanks for all the pics from the party !

  8. Oooo, BlogPodium and the Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup were both so fun and informative! I was so focused on STUFF at IDS12, though, that I didn't take many photos of people. Love your recap - your post has more peeps in it than my recaps.

    And the Corian chairs were so fun!!

  9. Thanks ladies! Blushing on style and man about town!

    I had so much fun over the week and certainly learned a lot at BlogPodium and Cdn Design Blogger Meetup. Can't wait for the next event in spring!

  10. You're the best Tim...have me blushing:) Absolutely loved this re-cap- you completely captured the essence of all of the fabulousness. And PS, you looked beyond dashing in your gala ensemble...adore the faux-hawk and bow tie!!! xoxoxo

  11. What a wonderful recap of everything I missed while away! Feel like I was there - thanks! Looks like you had a fab time and learned a lot! Look forward to seeing you in print!

  12. Hi Tim! I just wanted to thank you for featuring our booth on your site. I do my best to visit as many local design blogs as I can and so I had yours on file from a while back and was thrilled to see a few photos of you stopping by our booth. I recognize many people in your photos and it looks like you had an amazing time. I had one as well. Anyway, thanks once again. We have photos of our booth up on our Facebook page so check them out of you haven't already ( Thanks once again and take care!

  13. Thanks Andrew and Will! Love to have some Gents on my blog!

    @Andrew: I will have to come to Elte to check out the new items soon. Have been so busy at work and not being able to come check out the new collection in person.

    @Will: I love yours on your profile too! Sleek and chic!