Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Road Trip: NYC - Shopping: Part III

This final chapter of the NYC Shopping Survival Guide will show you what a dedicated shopper would do in extreme condition and what great customer service the stores in the Big Apple provides.

I don't know about you but for some reasons, I tend to ignore the weather forecast when I'm on vacation. Maybe I'm in such good mood that I couldn't care less, or maybe I just assume that the weather god will be on my side and give me bright beautiful days!

WRONG!!  Well... at least not on December 26th.  It was business as usual in the morning and I thought what would be better than enjoying boxing day in NYC.  Sure there was a few clouds in the sky but they didn't tempered my spirits.  By now you all would know, if you have watched the news, NYC (along with the east coast) was hit by one of the worst blizzards in decades!

We arrived SoHO around noon and our first stop was Uniqlo.  I had visited the store with Mary before Chris' arrival and I decided to show him what we've been missing in Toronto.  We scored some great deals on sweaters, a couple of +J blazers, and their signature HEATTECH products!  Look at the happy shopper and the little "condom" the staff put over our shopping bags.

I was thinking: how attentive the staff was to put the plastic over our shopping bags, so how new purchases wouldn't get wet from the flurries!  You will have to wait to find out what happened later.

Our next stop was Muji.  I just couldn't get enough of it and had to go back!  I love this great wooden wall.  I know this is not new, but what a great idea to use flooring materials on walls!

A variety of clothing and a vignette to showcase their furniture pieces.

And I had seen this tree before and didn't know where it was from... now I know: Muji of course!  True to my shopaholic nature, how could I say no to this tree? Especially when there were only 3 left!  I had to take one.

I also did the impossible by taking a few shots in Dean and Deluca.  I've loved this store since the hit TV show "Felicity".  D&D's simple and classic approach to its interior and the packaging of the products are always fresh!

Love the classic blackboard menu contrasting with the stainless steel... and look at these stylish pendents  in various sizes and heights!

and I got this great "lunch bag" during this visit:
 East Mountain Sports was our next stop.  Chris has been looking for the perfect waterproof winter jacket for a while now and EMS had what he was looking for.

Ironman in action to make sure the jacket would survive intense movement.  To this German Engineer, this jacket also won the best design EVER award for the design of its hood.  This truly innovative and revolutionary hood features boning around the rim and adjustable sides, so your hood would move with you and your vision would no longer be blocked by the hood.

By 6pm, the "flurries" were no longer fluffy and were coming down heavy and hard.  Still that wasn't enough to stop my hunting in SoHO.  Afterall, it was boxing day!

So we landed at Kisan:

This concept store is full of surprises and houses lots of quirky pieces.  This birdcage mobile at the store window was why I stepped into the store.

and other fun stuff in the store:

and by the time we walked out of the store. .. well, this shot summarized it all.  I entitled it "Paparazzi" as the subject was shocked and awkwardly uncomfortable.

So we decided to head home for a quiet evening... and this was our view from the window:

Still we (well least I) thought it was just a bad snow storm.  Little did we know it was one of the worst blizzards in decades!  Here is the Before and After (within 24 hours):

Just one day of snow .. .  Chris and I were shocked when we looked down the street and of course by what I'm about to show you.

Left: the "Tom Cat Bakery" truck was actually stuck in the snow.  Right: can you spot the car?  

A couple of funny shots on the morning after:

Left: almost looked like a war zone.  Right: Are we in Canada or the US? 

Well mother nature did give us lots of the white stuff.  They are not always pretty ... but in some cases, they were and we really appreciated it.

Remember those clear plastic covers Uniqlo used to shelter our purchases from harmful snow?  Here is  our testimony to its effectiveness:

Our new purchases were all wet and had to be laid out flat overnight to get dried.  So much for the ingenious invention.


  1. Wow, what an sweet snow storm you experienced in NYC!! I love that it didn't stop you from shopping, LOL. You are a true Canadian!!

  2. That sucks that the plastic they put on the bags didn't pan out. But I guess not every day you experience a storm like that.

    Uniqlo is by far my favourite place to shop in New York. Haven't been there since last March, very jealous.

  3. i can't wait to go back to NYC again! maybe in spring when it's warmer and no more snow. Will for sure check out the museums and some shows!