Thursday, January 13, 2011

Road Trip: NYC - Shopping: Part I

How can I not shop when visiting the Big Apple?  The whole place is built to induce impulse buys and thank god most places have a return policy... so "emotional" shoppers like me will have a nice "cool-off" period to rethink our newest committments.

I have full intention to go visit MoMA.  However, with the snow being 2 feet high, our pace got slower at Central Park and before we knew it, MoMA was closed for the day.  To avoid further frastruction, we proceeded to the next best alternative: the MoMA Gift Shop.

The store wasn't too busy that night but man, the store was filled with great products and the "on-sale" tables, including this cute "egg bowls" set, were right there to greet you!  Who says a museum doesn't know how to make money??

Vignettes to showcase some of the popular items including the Eames rocker and side chair .. and I love the Christmas theme on everyday item like this chic ladder on the right.

This jar + cups set was so much fun and I loved this Mango Radio... I've seen it at a few locations now.  Why can't they make it into a radio + ipod speaker?

I was drawn to this bottle and wondered: what was this chic silver thing on the bottle?  I guess I don't drink wine enough and to all those who love wine, a "Wine Thermometer" might just be a necessity!

My favorite Akari table lamp by Noguchi and look at this fun umbrella lamp!

and who says Kangaroo only comes from Australia?  Here is a hot red one from MoMA!

I've been looking for the perfect bathroom duck for the longest time and I think I've found my Sui!  And how about a fun coins holder? Maybe not really for me to use but sure is a fun pop of color as display!  Even framed as art work!  Now I'm thinking. ....

Loved this japanese inspired cook pot. .. looks like a perfect rice cooker and loved this red thermal carafe.  The problem is I heat up water with my microwave.... so maybe this is not the most practical purchase.

then I thought hey how about using this scarf as garland over a fireplace mantel or on a tree? and I still can't stop myself from laughing when I see this "banana bunker".

So what did I get from MoMA you ask?

Well I almost got these latest design hotpicks, which I've seen on many magazines, and they were on sale!! Sadly I was told that I have way too many bowls and these were just plain ugly... so I had to pass them up.  In return, I received a perfect and very practical gift: a business card case!

Before I leave you to start shopping at the MoMA website, I thought I will share a couple of pictures from a store that also looked like a museum: MOSS

I love this table... so organic looking and that matching chair!  Will work on getting that one day. .. .

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