Friday, January 7, 2011

Road Trip: NYC - Furniture Store: Part I

Describing myself being a kid in the candy store when I put: Me, Myself + NYC's decor scene = a total understatement.    Trying to show all of the stores I visited in one shot is also not a wise idea. ..  since you probably won't be able to go through them all in one read.

So on this entry I will focus on the sisters combo: Crate & Barrel + CB2 ... now here is a question for you: which one of these two pics is from C&B and which one is from CB2?

Lets start with CB2...  I like their take on a more modern/industrial approach compare to Crate & Barrel and their use of bold accent colors... have a look:

I was quite tempted by this metal side table, "rain-barrel" bed side table lamp, and also this great pendant fixture!  Too bad I really have no room for any more new pieces... 

I quite like these bold red candle holders ... and I'm still not too sure what are these "human figures"..

I've used these wood veneer boxes in my earlier entry on gift wrapping .. .and here they are again, another great way to hold shot glasses or cuttery:

So what did I get at CB2 you ask?  I couldn't resist these graphic shower curtains, especially when they are in one of my favourite color combinations: white, yellow, and grey.

They are made out of nice thick cotton and they are quite well priced: $29 per panel... not bad!  My plan is to use them as curtain instead by adding a band of fabric at the bottom to extend them to the appropriate length.  A little side note: good that I picked them up before Christmas... they were sold out both at the store and online right after Christmas!  Who says impulse buy is not a good thing??

Now lets shift our focus to Crate & Barrel.  I've always considered Crate & Barrel to be more traditional and with pieces that are generally more muted in color.  Here is the front door of their NYC flagship store: greeting guests with graphic patterns as they introduced marimekko.

The marimekko corner is a very vibrant, bold, graphic section in the store!  I debated for god knows how long on whether I should buy this teapot or not.  I love the bold red poppies, the bamboo handle, and the ever so style saucer.  The only problem is... I already have two teapots at home that I hardly ever used.. . 

well if teapot isn't your cup of tea, they also have a wide range of products done in marimekko's signature prints.  Mary couldn't resist after a 30 minutes struggle and bought herself a teapots and 2 cups with saucers.  So happy for her purchase.. .and I will be enjoying them when I go visit her again in Spring!

Back to C&B's in-house collection, my obsession towards grey/yellow/white is still going strong (although I've already started drifting toward the color of the year "Honeysuckle"), this handsome sofa finished in grey/white stripe fabric just stole the show.  It's comfortable, stylish, and best of all, a neutral backdrop that you can put whatever accent colors you want on it!  Also like this dining room/bedroom vignette with their use of yellow and green.

You all know how much I love wreaths for Christmas (this year I had 3 in my condo).. . so naturally I'm drawn to this faux amaryllis wreath (would like it more in white) and I love this chair!  The best thing of it is: I can reupholster it one day with different fabrics for the back and the body... and it was on sale!!  Being a very good friend, Mary talked me out of picking up anything from Crate & Barrel... THIS TIME.


  1. Where can i buy the yellow sky scraper shower curtain

    1. Hey there, it is a discontinued item and I happen to have an extra one. Let me know if you are interested and I can sell it to you.