Sunday, December 26, 2010

Road Trip: NYC Part I - Window Dressing

I'm in the Big Apple for Christmas and New Year this year.  A good friend of mine from NYC is spending the holilday in Toronto .. . so I'm the lucky one who gets to "house-sit" while she's away!                                                                                                                        

Me in NYC is pretty much like a kid in a candy store ... waaaay too much temptations coming at me from left, right and center!  I've decided to dedicate this entry to the wonderful window dressing and interior decoration of stores I visited.    
First up, UniQlo: a Japanese Invasion... 

Love the whole winter wonderland theme and their red/white decor almost looks like maple leafs to me.

Next up, H&M:

I like how it reminds me of an entrance to a night club ... very "Dream Girls" and love their creatively "signage".

The Apple Store.. . what else can I say... see for yourself!

From the glass cube structure to the elevator and the spiral staircase, Apple has it all!  Not to mention their great Christmas poster!

Macy's ... I've seen its ads on TV many times and know that the Martha line of kitchenware is available at Macy's... so naturally, I will have to go check it out!  Haven't seen such elaboration of "window dressing" since I was in HK four years ago.  We should have something like this in Toronto! 

I know we have something similar at The Bay on Queen Street. . but these ones at Macy's were a lot nicer! 

What else can I say.. . you all know I love natural inspired decoration + plaid... Saks have them both ... all in one shot! 

Cartier and Tommy Hilfiger wrapped up as gifts. ... 

Louis Vuitton:  I know it's not too "Christmas" looking but I love the purple accent in the store and these monogram puzzles... and really, who can say no to these Louis suitcases?

Hermes: love this classic store and this year, they have taken a rustic/natural approach to their winter display... a refreshing take from the other glam windows on Madison Avenue.

Tom Ford:  my all time favourite designer. .. love the entrance of his store..

Love the display when items were "frozen" in ice. ..  kinda how I felt when I walked down the street that evening.

Barneys New York has this great display in their store.... all the decorations are actually everyday kitchen items.. .


I like this big perfume display with TVs and the white gift boxes and paper trees. .. not sure if I like the "mean girl" though.

A dramatic display, almost art like, against an oversized walnut staircase as backdrop.

Now enough of these fashion power houses, here are the great ones in SOHO:
R by 45rpm: A great little japanese clothing store but high in style. .. and price point as well. 

Schott: the naked truth.. . 

Kidrobot: evil santa + rabbits?

Papyrus: love the origami cranes and birdcage display ... cranes as ornaments anyone? 

Design within Reach: never disappoint me. .. I love the chair and the "simple" table lamp and of course the cluster of random light by moooi


Love the bold design with the golden guns and the "christmas tree"...

CB2: a new take on "Hot" and "Cold" 

and here are some other ones I love on the street of SOHO

One last thought: I know I've just put up new wallpaper in my dining room. .. but look at this one... so much fun!


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  2. Great imagery! I just found you through your winning entry on apartment therapy, and i was hoping you could tell me where you got your GORGEOUS coffee table seen here

    email me at


  3. Thanks for reading my blog! I've just started blogging a few months ago and I'm loving it! It's very rewarding and encouraging to read the comments.

    I also checked out your blogs (klimt and Christina).. I love JAPAN and I love FLOWERS!! you guys rock!

    as for the coffee table Christina, unfortunately it was from Caban, a store closed down a few years back because it was purchased by RL and they decided not to continue the chain. Such a shame .. .it was a great store!

    I've seen it in different magazine spreads before... but forgot to look at the source guides. The coffee table may pop up again and when it does, I will let you know.

    It's a great table. .. perfect for putting my feet up when having dinner in front of the TV!

  4. Hi Tim,

    I was wondering when you have recovered from your NYC trip if you would consider taking on a decorating project. I would love to hire you to help me decorate my living room and bedroom. This is my first house and I have ideas for furniture and the feel that I want but I need help pulling it all together. I spent my Christmas going through boxes of magazines that I have kept. If you are up for a project starting in February please contact me at I can provide more details.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year and safe journey home.

    Marina Amanda

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