Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks

October has always been a very busy month for me.  It is the month I'm busiest at work.  It is the month when Chris is finally done with camping and starting to plan some get-together with friends.  It is also the month I start planning for my Christmas decor... for the following year.  Call me crazy, but I normally have my color scheme locked a year in advance.

Being tied-up with all the scheduling and deadlines, Thanksgiving has always been one of those holidays that got hijacked by work, leaving me with only one question in my head: which projects do I work on Monday?

Feeling a bit bad that after being in Canada for a good 17 years and somehow not too sure about the true meaning of "Thanksgiving", I did a little research.

Thanksgiving, according to Twilightbridge, is when Canadians give thanks to a successful harvest.  The origin of this special day came from 1578 when an English explorer, Martin Frobisher, who successfully landed at Newfoundland and held a formal ceremony to give thanks for surviving the long journey.  History lesson aside, Thanksgiving is truly a time for people to take a pause from their hectic lives, be thankful for good health and for those precious moments shared with friends and families.

This year, I managed not to work the whole long weekend and got to share three fun/laughters filled days with good friends at Ansaku Bed & Breakfast.  This place is quite stunning with the entire house being built by pine and cedar (yes, both inside and out) and yes, built by the homeowners themselves!  The lovely couple, Andy and Sabine, and their two friendly dogs greeted us with warm welcome upon our arrival.

Somewhere between the peaceful sceneries and the breathe of fresh air, my work seemed light-years away and I could finally relax.  Don't believe me, check this out:

The main house has three on-suites: one on the main floor and two on the second floor.  A covered deck is equipped with BBQ and a hot tub next to the deck.  This is the Red room I stayed at this Thanksgiving:

The B&B also has a separate apartment on top of a sauna and the garage.  Who wouldn't want a stylish and sophisticated rustic garage like this in a country home? Check it out:

The breakfasts Sabine and Andy offered were nothing short of delicious.  Local produces, homemade cakes, organic yogurts, and best of all, there were often so much food that you wouldn't even need to eat lunch after breakfasts!  (in case you are like me who was a bit concerned about the extra pounds after a turkey or two...)

Day 1:

Day 2:

Since mother nature was really on our side this year on Thanksgiving, the whole gang decided to go for a long hike this year.  We spent about 2.5 hours walking through the trail, got lost a couple of times, stopped a few times for photo-taking, and finally got to the waterfall.

I didn't know where Ryan and Timothy got the energies to cook up a storm in the kitchen to prepare us a Thanksgiving Feast, but hey when there's good food in front of me, I don't ask questions! Big applause to our great Chefs!!  Now here is something for all of you to envy about... our Thanksgiving Menu:

and here is our Chefs in action:

and look at this butterflied turkey!

What a lovely meal and great times with friends.

Holidays are always too short but here are a few things that are truly unique out in the country:

1.  Hundreds of pumpkins at a local bakery and me playing modern farm boy:

2.  Treetop Trekking and me being rescued by hot staff:

3.  Home decor with the country flair:

4.  Stain glass decor handmade by Sabine:

and of course, this weekend wouldn't be a memorable one without you guys!! (Thanks Timothy for taking this picture for us...)

To be honest, this actually wasn't the first time I stayed at Ansaku.  Chris and I have been there for a few times now and in fact, Ansaku was where we stayed on our first trip together.  Since neither of us remember when our anniversary is, we decided to make Thanksgiving our anniversary.

To customize it a little, I found this new tool from Martha and Ta-dah, a custom envelop with love:

and to finish off this rather lengthy entry, a few artistic shots from me... and Happy Thanksgiving!

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