Friday, October 1, 2010

Road Trip: Distillery Discovery

Distillery District, a place I almost called home 3 years ago... well until I fell in love with my 30 year-old condo right next to the water.  I like the distillery district for its urban/hip and yet historical/sophisticated vibe, with most stores' exteriors maintained the old factory facade but outfitted with modern, sleek interiors.

I haven't been to the Distillery District for a while and today I am on a mission: Professional Photo Printing.

It all started with me randomly taking photos of Chris' nephew, Niklas, when I was in Germany and one of them really stood out!  Although it's not a clear or sharp picture, it captured the movement, the energy, and his eyes gave the picture its soul!

I was determined to have it enlarged and framed for my hallway and wanted to make sure the print is of good quality.  So I consulted the expert, Scott Young, and he suggested me to go check out Pikto.

The staff was very knowledgeable... and the paper we selected has a water color paper texture and it worked wonderfully with my somewhat "blurry" image.  Funny enough, this paper was also imported from Germany!  It must be fate!

And of course since I was already in the area and had to wait about an hour to pick up the print, I decided to re-visit, a.k.a. shop around, Distillery.

My first stop was Artemide:

My all time favorite desk lamp:   Tolomeo Tavolo.  These lamps are great as desk lamps but also great for night stands.  A truly versatile designer lamp!

Then I stopped by Hastens, a high end bedding and mattress store:

Love the distressed look on the brick wall and the checker bedding.  I will be getting their bedding one day.  These mattresses are filled with horse hair to avoid moisture issue and topped by a wonderfully soft feather for extreme comfort.

and when in this area, I always have a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop: Balzac's Coffee.  Not only do I love their coffee, hot chocolate, and apple cider, but just look at that interior!  what is not to love??

Then I discovered Horse Feathers Home, a great store recently moved to the Distillery from the Castlefield Design District at Caledonia Road.

Chris and I both love this piece.  If you have $8K in your pocket and the space for it, you too can take it home.

Sadly Chris and I are short on both counts.

I like the openness of the store and how it is filled with natural light.

Ahh.... the Boiler House: an ever stylish restaurant!

Planters: the perfect marriage of classic shape and modern interpretation.

Great lounge in front of the restaurant.  I almost felt like I was in South Beach.

and my guilty pleasure: SoMA chocolatemaker

Their chocolate is the best and you just can't beat their packaging.  Even if you normally don't have a soft spot for chocolate, you will be tempted to get a few pieces!

Here are a few things that also caught my attention on this trip:

What are these you wonder?  These are actually outdoor chairs... who would have thought!!

Love this light!!  Only if I can have one in my future backyard!

almost felt like I was in the set of a Tom Cruise's movie.. .

here is my attempt for some artistic shots:

and of course by now you would wonder what happened to my print.. . well after I picked up the print from Pikto, I went to Adina Photo and Frame for custom framing and here is the end product:

This picture doesn't really do its justice.  This "art" is actually a lot more dramatic and substantial in the hallway.  I've very proud of my first piece of framed photography!  

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