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Appreciation Moment: Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson.. ..  her name got stuck in my head since 10 years ago when I came across a refreshing TV show called "Room Service" on HGTV during Winter Break.  That was back in the days when Trading Spaces and the Painted House were the "IT" shows for home improvement/decorating amateurs.  That was also when I picked up the "sponge" technic on wall painting and decided to paint my entire bedroom in solid creamy green as background and muted forest green for the "sponge" effect.  The finished product: a lovely japanese themed bedroom that was very... well "GREEN".

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of my GREEN room anymore to show for ... and prove to you all how far I've come along in my design aesthetics from 10 years ago.. . thanks to the many hours of invaluable education from Ms. Richardson: Room Service, Design Inc, Sarah's House, Sarah's Cottage, and Sarah's Holiday Parties!!    

For those of you who missed the old episodes, especially those from Room Service. ..  here is where you can still watch the old footage: Primevista.  This is such a pleasant surprise!  I had my Room Service episodes on VHS (remember this was in the 90s) and now I couldn't find them!  If I didn't try to do this entry, I wouldn't have come across these old footages from the early shows!  Big high five to Primevista!

Here are a few of my favourites rooms from each of SR's series:

Enjoyed the use of bold color in this man den! 

blue/white, Nautical. .. what's not to heart?

Particularly like the silver-leaf details on the wall.. will have to do that one day!

Part of the inspiration for my 2010 bedroom makeover...

Love the deep blue walls... very rich, warm, and inviting.

Classic SR style: soft blue/green with a cottage flair! 

and who wouldn't want to sleep here! don't we all love attic?

not that a baby is in my plan but what an inspirating baby room!

can't get enough of lovely white spaces from Ms. Richardson and the fantastic Team!

and of course.. . pics of the Team from different seasons:

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Before we dive into the Sarah's House series, here is a great interview of Sarah with House & Home at IDS talking about colors.

Now back to business:

Season 1: The Rosedale Retreat

Front Hall... LOVE the stairs and the bench at the front

Living room: really like this black and white scheme

side note: I found this same mirror the other day for fraction of the cost

another shot of the living room...

Bright, light, airy kitchen

Heart the combination of open displays, open storage, and close  storage ... and the nice long counter...

Dining Room.. Heart the wall paper!

Bright and cheerful... would it make me get more paper work done?

Kid's Lounge - but can totally be my office

Excellent use of space!

Really like that little hole next to the bed! great space saver!

The drapes, the chair, the pillow.. .. .great mix of fabrics!

Never thought I will like pink that much .. . stay tuned for a future post to see what I do with these fabrics!

This is totally my future guest bath!  The tile details, the mirror, the pendent being hung in front of the mirror!  LOVE it all!

great tile pattern on the floor.. also like the tub. .. though I don't know if I will ever use the free standing tub.  I guess I'm a shower type of guy afterall ~

Got to try this pattern in the powder room!

Season 2: The DonMills Split-Level

Living Room: never was a fan of angled fireplace.. .but this one works!  Relocating it could be expensive!  Great work!

Really like the gallery wall at the back. .. . only it's definitely out of my price range.  Art work by Michael Adamson

Can't you tell by now I really like this living room?

Enjoyed the watery palette in this bathroom ... not to mention the skylight!

Smart space saving idea to fit a little work area between 2 closets!

Cabana!  in my own backyard!!

Ok. .. lets be honest... who can say no to this?

Season 3: The Farm

Here is the Farm!

How fun!  should be a requirement in a country home!

Hard to see from this picture.  But the chandelier and the paperbacked fabric as wallpaper are stunning!

Love the richness of textile and pattern in this room.  Either from fabrics, panelling on the ceiling, the fireplace, the sea grass wallpaper... this room has it all!

The details in this room is just perfect!  the wall panel treatment and the reclaimed wood ceiling.. ..

Cheerful country kitchen!

Sweet guest room.

like the fabric treatments for the drapes and the chair!  now this gives me the idea of what to do if I can't find enough of my blue stripe fabric!

at first I thought this room is too much!  but it's growing on me. ..  and inspired me to have a rather colorful living room for summer 10.

Love the two arm chairs!  The fabric couldn't be more perfect for the pair!

Now this was never aired on TV.  Inspiration for my blue accent walls!

Inspiration for my blue/white balcony for summer 2010

Truely a great class of mixing patterns and textures in a singular color: blue.  See how great blue looks when pairs with tan!!

Love the sign!  Who would have thought this kitchen is on an island!

Private deck off of the Master bedroom...

Love the richness of texture coming from the reclaimed pieces!

great bath!

and of course after showing us how to enjoy our summer, Sarah will have to show us how to throw a Christmas Party!

Love this fireplace display!!

Such an easy DIY. .. . will attempt this one day...  Chris, don't freak out...

Before I draw the conclusion to my SR appreciation entry.. .. here are few more pictures of projects I love:

Masculine and calm

Love the stripes on the walls and the chairs

Will have to paint my wall Plum one day...

side note: I also got the same stool for a steal as well!

I guess this means I will have a Kelly Green chair one day!

yet another great dining room!

Compact space, Big in style!

It's all in the detailing!

and of course as a true SR die-hard fan, I've collected and compiled her pictures and advices on HGTV and put together my go-to design bibbles:

Oh... one more thing.. as many people have been asking if the DVDs of Sarah's shows are available... I'm lucky enough to have recorded all of them from TV and have added that to my own DVD collections (personally use only).  My friend Scott also loves Sarah and so I gave him a set of Sarah's shows for his birthday!

Here is my little project:

Materials required: ribbon, wrapping paper, paper for gift tag, and gift tag paper punch.

here are the DVDs (front)

view from the back

wrapped up with little detail in the middle

Finished product!!

Well that's all for now!! Hope you all enjoy all these rooms as much as I do and get inspired by all these great designs to transform a space or two in your own home too!

oh wait.. .. can't leave these out. .. these are recent pictures of Sarah's own home featuring her new line of paint at Lowes!!

And don't forget to check out this great interview of Sarah for Haagen Dazs!

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  1. You should sell these DVDs online! I know I would love to buy some, and they have them for sale online but at about $10 per episode...don't want to be spending hundreds upon thousands of dollars:(