Saturday, September 18, 2010

Road Trip - Yonge Street


Since the Gardener was closed today for major construction work and everyone was forced off at Richmond (coming from DVP), I thought maybe I should just drive down Yonge Street today.  My first stop was InVu Fabric.

I got this great stripe fabric in indigo blue that I love months ago from InVu, and I'm actually in the process of becoming my new drapes in my bedroom (you will see pics up here soon I promise).  The potential problem I now have is that I've used some for the drapes, meaning I may not have enough to reupholster this free chair I picked up from criaglist about a month ago.

So I stopped by InVu but didn't see my fabric. .. not on rack and not on the sales pile either. ..  will have to go to the bigger location and hopefully they still carry it.  I just need 2 more yards!

and of course there's the sea of whites in the store...

Then I kept going and landed myself at Farrow and Ball.

I've seen their wallpapers being used in many rooms and always wanted to go check them out.  But today I had my motivation: I need some wallpaper samples to frame up as art work.      

Here are the ones I picked up today.. ..

These papers are handprinted. .. translation: very labour intensive and hence at $250 a roll with  minimum order is 3 rolls.  I particularly like the greyish blue one (3rd), the yellow floral (6th) and the deep coral (far right).

and as I walked back to my zipcar, I passed by Hollace Cluny ... that was the first store in Rosedale I ever visited years ago when I was looking for the Womb Chair.  Again, my legs just took me to the store.

  and right there within seconds I walked in the store, I saw my dream pendant fixture:

and here is the 2nd runner up:

A few other items that caught my eyes...

THE Simple Lamp

This side table is marked down from $1300 to $400!

Love how this is framed.  Will do that on my own art one day.

and I love this vignette in the store.. .. 

more sales items on the main floor.... 

and my one more stop on this trip down Yonge Street is Adina Photo and Frame.  I figured I need to get this new piece of art work framed professionally.  Stay-tuned ... . this new art work will be here very soon! 

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