Friday, September 24, 2010

Appreciation Moment: Tommy Smythe

Tommy Smythe... a name every HGTV addict is familiar with.  His face is in your design magazines, your local interior design shows, and best of all in your TV: the hilarious side-kick, the partner in crime, of Sarah Richardson

I first noticed Tommy, even before Tommy is "Tommy", with his appearance on Sarah's first TV series, Room Service.  This was years ago but I remembed I liked his crisp blue/white/silvery bedroom and particularly that button detail on the two shams! That room caught my attention.  And of course later on when I saw Tommy on Design Inc., then I thought no wonder he looked familar!

Here is the the blue/silvery bedroom from Room Service:

I love the classic combo of blue/silver.  So chic and really it's timeless!  You can easily find this picture in today's magazines.

Gorgeous pillows in Sarah's signiture style! 
Interestingly enough, as I went through my old magazine clips, I actually noticed a story of another Tommy's place from the January 2006 issue of House & Home.  Again, I clipped this when I didn't even know Tommy was "famous" yet.  Clearly, this very clever man has got increditable taste and his rooms caught my eyes!

Look at those Lanterns!  They are perfect in a historic home, paired with the ceiling medallions.  Don't you love that vintage table lamp as well ... it has travelled from places to places with Tommy.    

What an ingenius idea to not only use a mirror to visually expand the room but also giving it character by dressing it as window!  Although I have not been a big fan of kelly green (well at least for wall color) but I love how cozy this room feel with Tommy's choice of furnishing and wall colors. 

I love light colored walls but I do subscribe to the formula that the dining room should be darker and more moody.  Afterall, the evening is when most of us use the dining room and so the dining room should be dressed accordingly.  In Tommy's case, just imagine yourself putting on a nice suit (or dress) and attending a glam dinner party in fab victorian in London UK!  Tommy's bedroom is also stunning.  I've never thought of doing my bedroom in dark walls but hey, I'm inspired!

Now lets us be jaw dropped by this fantastic and very functional kitchen:

What is not to love in this kitchen?  From the oversized lantern, the rustic farm table (double as island), the fantastic chairs, cabinets done in classic black and white, the cararra backsplash, to the herringbone floor, I, or should I say we, would want this kitchen to be ours!

Great kitchen design here to make use of all the vertical space for storage (in this case, wine storage was a tall order) and a functional desk space.

Up next, Tommy shows us how to live large in very little square footage:

Look at how the side table doubled as romantic dinner for two in seconds.  Better yet, we all love this wave pattern now ... but remember, this was Tommy's room from a few years back!  What a talented trend setter!

Love the contrast in colors, patterns and Tommy's attention to details!  No little details were overlooked and lets put our hands together for Tommy's choice of wall color! As most people would have picked light color in such small space, our design master picked a warm, inviting, but very dark charcoal grey.  I think that was the perfect choice and it made the room seemed a lot more spacious.

Brass and glass shelving unit: functional, practical, and great storage.   And here is the floor plan to help us all visualize the space:

Here is a great interview of Tommy with House & Home talking about the little apartment.

Another Tommy's flat from House & Home December 2009:

Love the gallery wall, the Herme throw on the sofa, and the striking black and white scheme with the pops of red and yellow!

You can see how the same pieces of furniture had travelled with Tommy from the dark, cozy apartment to their wonderfully decorated new home.  Once again, a great lesson for us all to invest in pieces you really like... and if you picked well, they may well be with you for life!

More tips from Tommy:

House & Home has created a page designated for Tommy! check this out:

Yet another stylish "Tommy's Home" featured in the March issue of Style at Home.  Have a look:

Love the pop of orange and the grasscloth wallpaper in the bedroom! And who wouldn't want to work in front of this gorgeous bay window?

Now there is a dressing room everyone is craving for!!

Tommy's column at Style at Home will start next month.  Make sure you check it out!

Here we have Tommy talking about his new space and new project with Sarah:

My favourite quote from Tommy:

"roamin' in th' gloamin' by th' bonnie banks of clyde."


  1. hey I'm Cosmina.. I'm writing from Italy ... I saw your DVD with Sarah Richardson.Beautiful!how can I get them too?here I saw only design inc ... I'd love to see the other transmision too...I love Sarah...I'ma huge fan .. I like her style,I like all!From here I can only see the photos on the internet ... if I go on the site of HGTV, I can not see the movie,they say that are not available for my country...I'm so sad!Tim, please, if you're nice, you could send me the DVDs...please!Thank you very much!Your blog is super!scusa me, but I do not speak English well..tanti saluti da Italia!

  2. Hi Cosmina, thanks for visiting my blog!

    yes I know Sarah's show are only on and people from outside of Canada can't access it. I guess it has to do with copy right issue and that they want to make sure if the show is to be picked up by another network in a different country, people won't be able to watch it first through the internet.

    have you tried utube?

  3. hello Tim...Yeah ... I also searched on youtube ... I found some videos but not with Sarah's show.I'm sorry so much ...I wanted so much to see her shows!We can do !?...emigrate to Canada!Thanks!

  4. Love Tommi! He is so funny, and his sense of style is reflection perfection ;-)