Monday, August 16, 2010

My First Boys Wedding

A couple "Firsts" for me this past weekend:

1. I attended my first Boys wedding this past Saturday ... and
2. My first time being inside the Wedding Chamber at City Hall, after walking pass it everyday to work for the past 3 years. It's smaller and less wedding-likethan I thought ... but it certainly is quite efficient and definitely get the job done fast!

Here is a picture of the gang in the wedding chamber (occupied the back of the room and might have scared a few guests with our colourful commentaries at times, and my asian heritage to take thousands of pictures in seconds...)

15 mins or so later, the ceremony was done and we decided to go for a "coffee break" before heading to the reception. As usual, downtown traffic caused some minor delays and we arrived just minites before the fun began!

This is the first time I witnessed a unique tradition of having the couple to cut up a piece of lumber together... the act is to symbolize the building of a home together. Hm.. .. I wonder if I will have a home sooner if I cut more woods during camping next year?! Wood cutting aside, here is the refreshment, the pretty little girl and the lovely photographier:

(little did I know this lovely photographier was setting me up for something later... I thought she was just being nice and asked me for my name!!)

Another game of the evening was "eat the apple". So an apple was hung at the door frame by the dining hall and the couple had to eat the apple together while their hands were tied. Chris was assigned to "hold the line" so the couple couldn't just enter the hall until the guests were satisified. See how happy Chris looked... . only if he knew what they had planned for him (well us...)

The dinner was very good and well portioned ... although the desserts at the end did push it over the top and I ended up eating way too much. The breaded chicken, as I called them the chicken katsu, was excellent and the salad was also light and refreshing. Too bad I didn't take any pictures of the food... didnt' exactly feel comfortable to start taking pictures of the food at a wedding ... but was brave enough to take one featuring my seating card.. .

and the bois during diner:

So the real fun for us started when Chris and I were picked by the newly weds to participate in part of their wedding traditions: passing on the love to the "Next Couple"... similar idea to the bouquet toss.. . only that this one is not randon but hand picked by the newly weds. will have to wait for the gang to upload their pictures before I can put one up here. .. . since i was simply too busy being part of the traditions.

Now we understand why Ryan was so eager to get Chris and I back into the hall when we got to the car to get the gifts. I wonder if they would somehow be picked (even though they were married) to be part of the fun.

Did manage to get a picture of the newly wed from standing after they have accepted their new roles.

Speaking about the gift, did any of you out there experienced the "how do I gift wrap a comforter?" dilemma? My gift wrapping project started off with me not being able to find a large enough piece of wrapping paper to wrap around the comforter! So I thought maybe I will wrap it with a piece of fabric instead! and of course, I will have to put some "personal touches" to it and here is what I've done:

1. Materials Requirement:

Fabric, Ribbons, and decorative item

spray paint, spray adhesive, letter templates and hot glue gun

Step 1: using crafting knife, carefully cut out parts of the letter templates, leaving the parts where you don't want painted intact.

Step 2: apply spray adhesive to the back of the stencil you just created.
Note: don't overapplied as it would be difficult to get the stencil, or later on the excess adhesive, off the fabric. Also make sure the edges of your stencil is firmly attached to the fabric to avoid excess paint leaking through to the "unwanted area".

Step 3: apply spray paint. 2 to 3 light even coats will do. Wait a few minutes and then peel off the stencil. Pay extra attention to make sure your sprayed stencil doesn't come into contact with the fabric, as the paint may still be wet on the stencil... and here you go, a customed fabric for gift wrapping!

Step 4: decorate! this one is simple and is really up to you how to decorate it... here is mine:

I was also pleasently surprised when the european groom told me it's their traditions that gifts are wrapped in linen (which is what I've used in this case) and this reminded him of his home sweet home! A nice pad on my back!

Our budget allowed for 2 items and so here is gift #2:

Special thanks to Pottery Barn for lovely gift wrapping supplies.

Personal touch requirement: Martha Stewart Embosssing Kit and here you go, customed embossed sticker!!

Final touches and here you have it, another lovely looking gift:

and of course a wedding wouldn't be completed without some pretty/handsome strangers. .. . and here are my picks of the evening:

Should I actually start a poll?

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