Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ikea = Chic = Urban Legend?

Lets face it, we all have a love/hate relationship with Ikea.  On one end, we love it for its "how low can you go" price tag... but at the same time, you never want people to think: Oh, this is a lovely IKEA showroom!!  I knew it because my lovely "practical" relatives had done that about my old bedroom.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Ikea is not worthy for a magazine photoshot..  it's just that when designing or decorating a space, I don't like my room to look like what everyone has. .. and due to its affordable pricing, Ikea IS what many people have in their homes.

So the new 2011 Ikea Catalogue is out and I have just received a copy in my mailbox.  For those of you who'd read my source list for my living room, you probably came across "Ikea" a few times.  The trick is try to get something that people don't necessary think it's from Ikea, especially when mixing in with items from other sources (i.e. garage sales, vintage/antique stores, high-end stores) for an eclectic look... for precisely 1 word "Budget"!!

Here are my picks from this year's catalogue... . some of them were old pieces .. but I continue to love them.

Rugs:  these are the two I thought... how fun!

Dresser/Cabinet:  I particularly like the clean line design of the Trondheim dresser and the distress charm of the Hemnes Linen Cabinet.... if you want it to look Non-Ikea, just repaint them and give them different knobs and they will look like a million buck!


Klippan: this is a classic Ikea loveseat but i thought this is so much fun.. .. and the good thing is, you can put a new cover on and it will look like a new sofa!

Solvar Chair: I like the cottage feel of this chair .... perfect for a white and airy area for family meal


Hemnes Daybed: love the classic look of this daybed and best of all, it has lots of storage underneath!! Will probably have this in the study/guest room one day. Different knobs will be needed .. .and some decorative pillows to complete the look.

Storage solutions: I've never been a fan of vertical storage but these pieces sort of made me think twice about my approach.

Freden Shelving: lend itself well into different interiors.. . traditional, country, mix and match ... . will work in all ... all you may need to do is to change its color or maybe beef up the crown molding.

Also quite like the Grundtal series.  The pictures here do not do their justice.  These shelves are actually made of stainless steel! Love the industrial edge to them and can look really high end when pair with other pieces together as build-ins.  The first one with glass shelves is actually much smaller and the second one is a full height shelf.  Just imagine hanging it off the ground to provide you with storage and still feeling airy in a small bathroom!

Vika Veine: really like the dual functionalities of this piece and how all the mess can be tucked away when the lid is closed. For myself, I may try to get someone to put a wood veneer on this piece for me (or wall paper if you want on the top) and a piece of glass.. .and there you have it, a nice bar for entertaining!

Songe Mirrors - like the scale of it ... perhaps for the front entrance

Tradig Bowl: love how bold and graphic this bowl is. .. thinking about it on the counter in my kitchen

and last but certainly not least.. .. although I rarely love an entire Ikea kitchen... .but here is the one i thought i can really live with this... well... will probably still customize a little. .. i.e. running the counter on the side of the island as well. .. so i won't need those legs to support the breakfast bar.

Here you have it... .my pick from the Ikea Catalogue this year!  Good luck with your treasure hunts in Ikea... and don't forget to check out the AS-IS section for super deals! 

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  1. Hey Tim,
    I'm just reading some of your older posts to catch up, and you're going to freak out about this...2 of your picks from IKEA were used in Sarah's House 4!!! The Songe mirror on the left was in the upstairs landing and the Alvine Ruta Rug was used in the entry. How cool is that?!?!?