Monday, August 9, 2010

Design Maze is Borned!!

to all of you who are hopelessly addicted (or in love with as I would like to say for myself) with all things to do with designs, decorating, and the evil word "chic" things, I've decided to start my blog to document and share all the HIs and LOWs in my own little design world.

A little about myself.. .

Like many others, design shows have planted their seeds in my head when I was in school studying like a mad man for a profession that I'm "OK" with. But as time goes by, these design seeds have grown from bean spouts to now a mini spruce.

My journey started with me redoing my own bedroom at my parent's place when I was in first year of University. I came home at Christmas break and decided to redo my own bedroom. Inspired by Trading Spaces and Debbie Travis' painted house, I decided to turn my boring 1970s bedroom with floral wallpaper (trust me, even today with the big comeback, this floral would still have to go) into a japanese inspired retreat with a green sponge effect on all walls and a japanese cherry blossom stencil as headboard! Now, just how low can I go from here??

Unfortunately I don't think I have any picture to show my first creation here but I was absolutely in love with it (esp with a very limited budget) and started other less "themed" transformation at most rooms over the next few years.

In between time, Sarah Richardson, the Designer Guys, and Peter Fallico had came along and my taste have changed over time. From mossy green to the sea of whites.. here is the bedroom transformation before I moved out:

I've always dreamed of having a house and had plans to purchase one when I'm 30. In preparation of that, I'd collected items for my future house: 4 mid-century iconic wire dining chairs (which costed me a minor fracture on my pinky toe when I walked right into it once), a great black velvet love seat from a great vintage store in Toronto (which I've just sold recently on craiglist ... since i started a love triangle with another leather one), a great glass/polish chrome coffee table, a saarinen tulip dining table base, a repro saarinen chair, a dresser and sofa bed from Ikea (discontinued - what a shame!!), and a couple of light fixtures!

but when I actually get to move out, I ended up with a condo instead of a house .. .. as the Toronto Market decided to peak right when i decided to buy! For all of you out there, just pay attention to what I said I want to buy (i.e. new hi-tech items) as I do have a 100% success rate of seeing the new models flooding the market within months of my purchase. So, if you want to buy what I say I want to buy, just wait, you will get the new model!

so, many of the items I'd planned for my house didn't make it to the condo and ended up staying at my dad's house (luckly I have a very understanding Dad and a big basement as my storage). here is my place in Summer 2010 (from sea of whites to vibrant colors --> Thanks to Ms. Richardson's latest project on TV: Sarah's Farm) :
Where will my journey take me? I have no idea ...

As for the "comments" from my significant other on my "re-decorating" addiction ... I'm simply getting inspired by things around me and want to reflect that in my home. Love you Chris!

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  1. Congrats on starting the blog! I'm thrilled for you!