Tuesday, August 10, 2010


a casual topic "collection" posted on facebook by one of my favorite TV celebs, Tommy Smythe, got me thinking just what have I collected over time for my next big dream: THE HOUSE

the theory is simple: you may (if you're lucky), but certainly difficult, to find the exact things you're looking for when you need them.

I'm sure everyone of you have experienced this before... "OMG, where are the keys?" or "That card was here last time I saw it, thought your store will always carry it" or "where are those cufflinks?". We either get frustrated and gone for something else or keep searching (in the keys situation but i'm sure we're already running late), or we will wait for it to reappear (as they often do when you DON'T need them).

so, i'm convinced that the best way to shop for your place is to get them when you see them. There are often deals out there: off-season sale, floor model sale, not to be missed annual sales, and yes, those Homesense deals that look so much like theirexpensive twins but at fraction of the price (and yes, they do get marked down at times as well). The tricky part to these all is that you still have no idea of how your place look like yet, where i'm going to put them... simply because you DON'T have your house yet! But if you have a clear vision of what you like and the pieces are timeless, then you're off to a good start!

I myself have collected a few items over the years and thought I will share some of them here:

Guilty item#1: A pair of Tom Dixon Pendant Lights

Background info: first day out after my wisdom teeth were removed, I was out to the St. Lawrence Sat Market to get some flowers. Filter, another store I like, was just around the corner. So, my legs took me to the store. After a little chat with Phil about the Beat light by Tom Dixon, he told me he got a pair of the pressed glass!! I was a little reluctant at first.. . but at 50% of the original price at Klaus by Nienkamper, I just couldn't pass up the deal!

My original thought was to use them as bedside pendants for my new bedroom unit... but I think I will save them as pendants above my future kitchen island instead. Not bad hey for a little future planning.

Guilty item#2: a pair of Arlington Chairs from Pottery Barn

Background info: it all started with my obsession of the Chloe Chair designed by Sarah Richardson (well I love most of the things she does anyway) and thought this chair at PB is probably more affordable then the special order from Ms. Richardson's collection. Best of all, the Chair was on a 50% markdown during floor model sale!! The only problem is, there was only ONE chair. For what I have in store for this chair, I would need TWO to go into the living room. So, a few months later, I snapped up another one during end of season sale as well. Now I just have to have them, or at least one, reupholstered so they will match each other!

Guilty item#3: Wright side table from Pottery Barn

I know I know. .this is not a side table... but this item has been discontinued and this is the only pic I can find on the internet. Just use your imagination.. exactly the same table only smaller... and the glass top is square instead of round.

Background info: I've always liked this table (saw them on PB's catalog) but can't get them because they were catalog order or internet only. So I was delighted to see them in the PB store at Eaton Centre! Apparently they were sitting in a warehouse and since they had been discontinued, the Canadian store could finally order them and had them shipped to Canada. And the best thing to it all, they were discontinued .. meaning deep discount!

With a deal like this and a busy store at Eaton Centre, this table wouldn't last .. but I had an issue with the square top. Here comes the funny part, the table base was marked down to $75 but the glass top was $150. I wasn't able to just buy the base (although priced separately), understandably how would PB be able to just sell only the glass top? So I got them anyway and thought I would do something with the top one day.

Good that I checked when I was about to pick up the table a few days later.. . since the glass top was priced separately and was not ending "97" --> which in code for "no return".. I was able to return the top and picked up just the base!! Now how cool is that??

To add the cherry on the cake, I scored a vintage round carrara marble at the DoorStore for a crazy $70! It was the perfect size for the base and I wouldn't be happier!

so, here are just a few examples of why you sometimes just have to take the punch and get the pieces you love as deals like that just won't happen when you finally nailed your dream place!

of course, there are days that I regretted of not getting some pieces I like when they were available... but hey, something better maybe just waiting around the corner!

Wait a second, does it mean I should just stop picking up these deals and wait for them to come to me when my house is ready for me?


update: August 22, 2010

Saw a posting on Guff and this dresser is a perfect match to the two bedside tables I picked up a few years ago from a yard sale.  I just couldn't resist and had to have it.  Stay tuned for its transformation!

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