Tuesday, August 10, 2010

07.25.10 - Summer BBQ

So I had a summer bbq this year... as it sort of became a tradition since I moved to my condo. And boy I tell you, the journey to get to the actual bbq has been a LONG process. I've no one to blame by myself . .. or that lovely green table cloth I picked up from the clearance section at Homesense!

This irresistable, deal of the century, marked down and remarked down, table cloth has started me off to a path of no return. I started thinking of nicer plates (instead of regularly paper plates), eco friendly forks and knifes (good for environment and look super good with the nautical theme), stylish cups from Ikea, juice bucket (which I had to respray myself to turn it into creamy white), an ice bucket, a wine box repurposed into planter box (had to stain it myself... ), vases for center pieces (customed by myself), etc. etc...

The ironic thing is, at the end of the day, since I'd invited over 20 people for the bbq, I ended up only using the green table cloth for the drink table, and had to get fabric to make 2 large table clothes for the actual dining areas. So, what started off as a "too good of a deal" to pass up had turned my bbq prep experience into a "martha stewart want-to-be" summer event!

Here are a few pictures to hi-light my mini projects:

"ah.. .. the customed table clothes .... and ... the repurposed wine box"

"customed vases"

"juice and ice buckets, the GREEN table cloth, and the stylish cup with customed stickers"

Other beauty shots...Many thanks to the talented photographer: Scott Young

So... what have I learnt from all this? JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE! That's the only way a host can enjoy the party as much as the guests ... and will probably be more enjoyable for all the guests not to have to deal with a stressed out host!

Lesson learned! Chris, aren't you relieved this won't (hopefully) happen again??
We will just have to wait and see what the Christmas party will look like ...

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