Monday, May 6, 2019

Sarah Off The Grid S.2 ~ Principal Retreat + Getaway

Hello Monday and welcome to the third week of Sarah Off The Grid on HGTV Canada.  With the foundation of the new additional completed and a basement transformed into a media lounge with laundry facility, Sarah and Tommy turn their attention to the next rooms soon to occupy the upper floor of the new addition: the duo purpose getaway bunkroom + the sleek and luxe principal bedroom / ensuite.

I am always fascinated to see a dramatic before and after and HELLO to this before: an exterior wall and a new solid foundation + the floor plan for the second floor.

First up is the bunkroom.  Instead of a classic bunk bed, Sarah opted for a double bed (sleeps two people easily) with built-in storage and a bookcase for displays + an upholstered headboard.  With some leftover lumbers and a can of blue paint, this bookcase feature wall is packed with style without breaking the bank.  The splurge in this room is the jumping off point fabric and Sarah only needed 3 yards for the roman blinds and the upholstered headboard: minimal investment for huge design statement

I also like the creative placement of the swing arm wall sconce, since there really isn't another spot for practical lighting in this daybed nook.  

A "work station" is setup on the other side of the room.  Outfitted with a desk and extra cabinets for storage, this is the ideal spot for those who need to get a quick update from their buzzing city lives.  I love the exposed brick wall (a reference to the century-old building) and how the mirror reflects the view of the opposite space.    

Up next is the principal bedroom and ensuite.  Not your classic master bedroom with a connected bathroom, Sarah and Tommy made sure the two rooms read as a sleek, relaxing master retreat.

It's very important to on site during the framing process as that's the best time to visualize the space and to refine design details without causing major construction delays down the road.  In this case, Sarah saw an opportunity to accentuate the vaulted ceiling to create character, volume, and dimension in the brand new addition.

From plans to reality, this design element is truly remarkable and what an amazing reference to the original part of this country home.

Here is the principal bedroom: a case study of classic blue and white.  Not traditional, not nautical, but crisp and contemporary in execution.

A monocromatic navy and white palette will never be too cool in Sarah's rooms.  This master bedroom is full of subtle pattern / textile variations (could you count how many patterns are on the bed alone?) and vintage treasures to add layers, warmth, and charm.

A pair of built-in closets for maximum storage and together providing the showstopper mid-century teak dresser in vibrant sapphire blue a perfect spot in front of the east facing window: the first view to welcome you every morning

Our last stop on the second floor is this sumptuous ensuite bathroom.  

Sarah and Tommy have packed in a number of design tricks I absolutely love:
  • waterfall style counter application to create an illusion of a floating vanity (I may just have todo that in the new condo)
  • faucets installed off centre if depth of vanity is an issue (not the case here but I can relate in my city condo
  • pair of mirrors / sconces for double sink vanity allows for an unique design moment to showcase a decorative pendant, captivating artwork, and a spot for hand towels

Freestanding tub immediately screens spa-inspired experience, and when it is paired with the most intricate tile pattern using one single style cement tile, a fresh new design combining the classic diamond with an energetic chevron is born.  How cool is that right?

And to max out on natural light, a sheet of frosted glass is installed between the ensuite and the principal bedroom to let in extra light while keeping privacy in check. What a brilliant idea and if you must know, Sarah was inspired by the hotel she stayed at in Africa.  Sarah also brought back a beautiful blanket from her trip intended to frame up as art.  It didn't quite work in the principal bedroom and it has found the perfect home down the hallway to set the tone the moment you step into the new addition of this gorgeous country vacation home.   

Oh and of course, energy efficient and cost saving solar panels were installed on the new roof: easier on the wallet and definitely far better for the environment in the long run.

To learn more on Sarah's top favorite elements in the principal bedroom, check this out: 

That's it for the second floor and the basement.  The main floor is next and I can't wait to see it all on Sundays at 9pm ET.  You can also catch up on previous episodes at

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