Monday, March 6, 2017

#DesignmazeFun ~ Walper Hotel (Part I)

Hello Monday! You all know I love travelling and #Eurovacay has been my go-to destination for heart warming family time every chance I get.  Thanks to the foreign exchange and lack of vacation time (only have 4 weeks a year), flying over the Atlantic isn't always the option.

Luckily I have a second home in Kitchener / Waterloo (#ProjectChris), where my partner Chris calls home, for me to unwind and relax from a week of hactic schedules + impossible deadlines in Toronto.  So when the luxurous Walper Hotel in Kitchener asked if Chris and I would like to be their guests to stay at one of their 92 designer suites, I immediately said "YES"!

Situated in the heart of downtown Kitchener, a sizzling hot up-and-coming neighbourhood where chic restaurants / cafe bistros are popping up everywhere and a main transportation hub soon to be in action, Walper Hotel is definitely a fantastic home away from home. 

I knew I was in for the treat the moment I stepped into this sophisticated and elegant lobby where charming architectural details (love the mouldings and pillars) mix with sleek, contemporary furnishings (hello sofas and chandeliers) to a stunning effect for an incredible first impression.

From superb fixed design elements such as the gorgeous backdrops at the bookcases, the intricate tile patterns on the floor, to the dynamic finishing touches such as the graphic artwork and spot on second-life rug (trendy + practical), the design team has done an amazing job to give this iconic 1893 landmark a bright new look into the 21st century.

Speaking about historical charm, Chris and I were lucky enough to stay at one of the Historic Collection Suites where we were welcomed by our own private lounge!

Outfitted with one of the most comfortable leather sofas I have ever sat on (and I am usually not even a fan of leather sofa!) and furnishings with a strong reference to mid-century classics, couldn't you tell I was in heaven? I literally said to Chris: can we just cancel our evening plans and stay here with wine watching movies?  

Lounging aside, I was also inspired by the simple yet effective "office" zone and let's face it, I HEART that pop of vibrant cobalt blue on the bar fridge and desk lamp!

The Historic Collection Suite also comes with a sumptuous ensuite with my very own water closet!

And yes, shower or bathroom ... what's your preference? I'd said yes to BOTH!

Last but not least, it is time to check out the mighty chic bedroom.

Dressed head to toe in style, this spacious bedroom has a king size bed that combines both style and comfort (love that walnut headboard with built-in side tables), not one / two but three innovative lighting solutions that tailor your every need, a Saarinen-inspired lounge chair for morning coffee / papers, a bench with artwork for yet another stylish and practical vignette, PLUS loads of large windows for beautiful natural lights!

Ok ... it's time to me to be relaxed and get pampered in my Pamuk & Co. again in this luxurious historic suite.  Come back on Wednesday as I have the perfect antidote for #humpday right at The Walper Hotel.


  1. Fabulous photos, Tim. The lighting fixtures here and throughout the hotel look amazing. Great choices all-around! And the pop of cobalt - yeah, I like that, too. My fave, though, might have to be the bathroom. White and luxurious and sparkling! Yes, yes, and yes!

    1. yes. ... the bathroom is truly amazing but I think my favourite maybe the leather sofa! So comfy!

  2. What a wonderful job they have done renovating the place! Looks so very different now and very well put together! Lots of attention to detail! Love the wood furniture and lighting fixtures! With the earthy colours, the place looks ideal for grounding yourself after a busy day out ...