Wednesday, March 8, 2017

#DesignmazeFun ~ Walper Hotel (Part II)

Hello Wednesday! After staying at the spectacular Historic Collection suite at The Walper Hotel for a couple of days, I am ready to tour the beautifully re-imagined lounge, bar, and event spaces at this 1893 iconic landmark in the heart of Kitchener. 

Completely overhauled from top to bottom, the second floor of The Walper Hotel houses three stunning lounges, a gorgeous space for dining, a licensed bar for cocktail hours, a cafe for café au lait, two separate ballrooms for special occasions and best of all, a grand piano + curated art collection to welcome you the moment you walked up the charming staircase.

With all these sumptuously decorated spaces, where do we begin?

Let's start with the casual lounge and the dining zone.  The serene and elegant neutral spaces are brought to life by statement lighting fixtures and captivating art saturated with bright vibrant colors.  The design team has done an amazing job layering a variety of different materials to create a stylish yet cozy atmosphere with pure wool on the upholsteries, natural wood on the furnishings and floor, and mixed metal on coffee table, chandelier and sconces.

Off next is the cocktail bar and the urban chic lounge.  Incredible moulding details, sleek contemporary chandelier, and attractive + functional custom open shelves: these are all the elements I want to incorporate in my new condo!

The urban chic lounge is outfitted by luxurious velvet sofa, four sculptural armchairs (we have seen them though out the hotel), a striking abstract artwork, and of course our beloved fiddle leaf fig tree!  I love the fact that the design team has opted to use a mixture of sconces and pot light for overall illumination, proving that a room can be sensational without a chandelier!

Well hello to more is definitely more in the main lounge as I was literally mesmerized by the luxurious furnishings in this masculine, sophisticated, edgy central lounge.

A pair of sofas in teal velvet, the modern interpretation of classic wingbacks in burgundy red leather, an organic yet super modern solid wood coffee table and of course I couldn't resist the dynamite chandelier for its sculptural presence.  It just completes the room don't you think?

From meticulously considered sightlines to curated decorative accents and furnishings, this second floor event space is purely a feast for the eyes.  Speaking about a feast, The Walper Hotel Social will be up next on the blog.  See you all on Friday!

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  1. The last time I was here was definitely before the renovation! Looks so different now, wow! They've done an amazing job! The lighting fixtures certainly catch your eye! Lots of amazing art! Lots of room to lounge and mingle! Looks like the perfect gathering space for all sorts of possible events!