Monday, January 23, 2017

#IDS17 ~ Jaime Hayon + Nika Zupanc

Hello Monday! What a weekend at IDS Toronto to soak in every last drop of design inspirations and creative ideas from up-and-coming local artists to internationally celebrated design stars!  Follow me along for a week long design appreciation as I recap my favorites from #IDS17, and our first stop: Stone Age Folk by Jaime Hayon presented by Caesarstone.

Jaime is known for his artistic, whimsical approach in design to marry art, decoration, and design.  For his debut collaboration with Caesarstone, Jaime gives life and circus-like personality to functional objects such as reception desk, tables, and cabinets with his signature smiling faces.  Let's hear Jamie's design concept of #StoneAge Folk.  

Don't you just love the sketches? So much fun and what a fascinating approach to design and life.

images courtesy of Caesarstone
From concept to reality, here is #StoneAgeFolk at #IDS17:

The faces are certainly a lot of fun and it's amazing to see how Jaime reimagined the quartz materials at Caesarstone as precious stones and created these light-hearted pieces with reference to the traditional stone marquetry and craft technique.  This graphic reception desk had me at hello ... don't you just want to incorporate a similar design for your next kitchen island?

What a treat to listen to Jaime at the white gallery space presenting his installation at IDS Toronto:  

Thanks Jaime! 

It was also my great pleasure to meet the talented and very friendly Nika Zupanc, an independent designer who is determined to work on projects that "grow out of distinctive interpretations of modern culture, contemporary design and technology".  Nika's work is characterized from punk elegance, techno chic, to larger than life, and her collection for Se was presented by South Hill Home at IDS Toronto.

A quick look at Nika's collection and I am dying over the Homework Chair, the Forever Bed, and the Full Moon Floor Lamp!  They are edgy, daring, and yet there is a soft feminine touch to all these pieces.  That bed ... I want it for my next condo!

The Stay Armchair is one of my favorite pieces from Nika's collection for Se and we love it when Nika sits on her signature piece too!

Enough of me talking about Nika, let's hear from Nika about her collection:

Thanks Nika for a fun chat and what a beautiful collection!

A huge congrats and thank you to the amazing IDS Team for yet another mind-blowing and FUN show to kick start 2017! Be sure to join me Wednesday to check out the Maker, StudioNorth, Prototype, and designboom mart!

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  1. The Forever Bed cool design and unique, what an awesome idea