Friday, November 25, 2016

#OOAKX16 + #Giveaway!

Hello Friday!  Winter is definitely in town and you know what it means? The One of A Kind Show is in Toronto to kick start the holiday season!  I love unique, handcrafted, and authentic creations and if you are like me (looking to check off that gift list fast), #OOAKX16 is definitely where you want to be over the next 12 days!

With the mission to promote creativity and handmade excellence, One of a Kind strives to provide a marketplace to connect the makers and the buyers who share the following principles: 
  • SUPPORT the handmade revolution
  • MAKERS make it better 
  • DEFY the everyday

With Christmas shopping in mind, I headed straight to my favorite textile artisan, Avril Loreti.

From paper goods, tea towels, table runners to pillows and handkerchiefs, Avril has injected her signature pastel palettes and whimsical motifs that will purely put a smile on anyone's face.  For the holiday season, why not get a new stocking and it's only available at #OOAKX16!

Love Avril's flowers for an extra festive touch and the growth chart is just perfect for my niece.

As for my two nephews, I am loving these brilliantly colorful toys from ENFTLG.  Designed to encourage kids to think outside the box, the boys will love the memory game and the balancing game in the winter and the pom pom slingshot and the swinger when spring arrives!

My father-in-law loves tea (and so do I), so I had to stop by Tealish Fine Teas.  With so many flavors to choose from, I would love to know which ones are your top picks?  I simply couldn't resist the aroma of the Pomegranate Goji and Chris is crazy about the Electric Earl Grey from the Gourmet collection.  As for my in-laws, I think it will have to be the Canadian collection.

One fantastic thing about the One of a Kind is that you just never know who you will meet and be inspired by.  At #OOAKX16, Pulp Function had me at Hello!  First-timer at the show, their booth is a total standout!

Don't you just love these adorable marquees? The doggies and the clouds totally got me hooked and custom work is also available ... just name your letters or animals!

I have been a fan of succulents for awhile now (since I can't seem to keep anything else alive), so can you imagine my excitement when I saw the geometric spheres in natural concrete by Double L Decor?  For only $25, you are all set to jump start a chic indoor oasis right at home!  I may just have to go back to pick up the Flat Icosahedron Planter too.  

Streamline design + natural wood is right up my alley these days (wink at my kitchen at One Room Challenge?), and that's exactly what rekindle delivers. I love the cleanline, simplistic design aesthetic of their products and how beautifully the different wood tones play off each other.  And their styling: spot on!

I am dying over the wooden plates (available in maple and walnut + 3 sizes) and the arenal cup match striker + match discard dish, especially when they are so practical and versatile as illustrated in rekindle's product galleries.

Santa are you reading this?

Now I may need to wait to hear back from Santa, but one of you and your Plus 1 will be going to the One of A Kind Christmas show!  That's right, I am hosting a #giveaway and all you need to do is to tell me the artisans you want to check out at #OOAKX16.

The giveaway runs until 11:59pm of Monday November 28th and the winner will be announced on Tuesday November 29th.  I think I will have to head back to pick up more of my favorites!  


  1. It was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Thank you for the mention. Your blog is fabulous!

  2. I want to see Pulp Function

  3. Great list! Thanks for introducing me to these designers. Definitely going to check out ENFLTG and Avril Loreti (love those Christmas stockings!)

  4. Awesome blog! Would love to check out Pulp Function and Double L!

  5. Double L Decor. Loving those geometric planters!

  6. So much I want to see. Rekindle for their wooden planters, Pulp Function, the succulents in their concrete platters. And then there are the surprises for me on site.

  7. The tealish fine teas is going to be a delight to try, anything vegan at the event is a must as well.