Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Princess Margaret Showhome 2016 ~ First Impression

Hello Tuesday! Hope you all had a great Labour Day long weekend. The weather was just beyond gorgeous, and fingers crossed the bright blue sky and warm summer breeze will continue until Thanksgiving in October.  Don't you wish we live in a climate where summer is all year round?  While I may need to win a lottery before I relocate to Dubai, the Princess Margaret Showhome is ready for its debut and you could be the lucky new owner!    

Located in the heart of Oakville, this $5 million grand prize features approximately 7,500 sq ft of luxury living in style.  Custom designed by Brian Gluckstein and built by PCM, this house has spectacular curb appeal and with immaculate attention to detail on the windows, rooflines, and decoration on the exterior walls, I am already convinced to buy a ticket before stepping inside the house! 

First impression is key, and what a breathtaking sight the moment you stepped inside the stately main entrance.

I am not sure about you but I would like to self-invite myself to this delicious dinner party! The scholari inspired chandelier, the warm yet sophisticated silvery grey on walls and silk draperies, and striking black and espresso accents, I am ready to pop open that bottle of champagne. 

Now if we take a step back and look to the left of the dining room, your eyes are rewarded by this absolutely stunning view! 

What an inspiring space with loads of design details / tips from Brian: 
  • full height upholstered screen + elaborated crown moulding to accentuate the soaring ceiling height 
  • showstopper photography by Tony Koukos
  • mirrored walls to visually expand the room and reflect the lush greenery from the garden
  • pops of bright coral for a sharp contrast and yet works harmoniously with the light pale grey upholsteries

Here is one of my favorite shots of the living room (love the styling of the coffee table ... so sleek and chic!):

... and one more look of this pure serenity of grey.

From light and airy to dark and sumptuous, it is time to check out the family room.

I have been dreaming of a blue bedroom / office at my next condo, and this striking space will serve as a fantastic reference for my next project.

A few notes for my design folders: 
  • navy / teal blue grasscloth wallpaper for the entire room
  • light colored wood floor in herringbone pattern 
  • round shape coffee table for better traffic flow 

Another key component I want to incorporate in the office / guest bedroom is a gas fireplace and this simple yet elegant marble beauty is definitely high on my list!  

Now if you have a 7,500 square feet home, you too can dedicate a room as an office.  Better yet, how about double ceiling height to house your treasured collection?

I would love to just lounge right here in the afternoon with my favorite reads + a cup of tea, admiring the dynamite chandelier and I am dying over that deco inspired trim that goes around the entire room!  Another detail I need to work into my next home.  Thanks Brian!

Hope you are as excited about the 2016 Princess Margaret Showhome as I do (tickets are available here).  Join me Monday to tour kitchen and the kids rooms + baths!

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  1. Ugh! Those floors! That library! The colour palette! Gluckstein and his crew knocked it out of the park once again! Just beautiful!