Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Treasure Hunting 101

Hello Tuesday! Summer is absolutely amazing in Toronto and besides my love of peonies in June, hunting for vintage treasures at garage sales, thrift shops, and antique markets is one of my favorite pastimes on the warm, sunny weekends.

Today I am sharing with you my top 5 tips on shopping vintage + a peek at my ever-growing (an addiction really) accessory collection.

Tip 1: Be Focused

Sometimes it's hard to know "what you are looking for", especially when you are spontaneously checking out garage sales and antique markets.  Rather than buying everything you love and ended up with boxes of mismatched decors in random styles, pick a specific design style that speaks to you and make that your focus.

I love mix metals so you could imagine my excitement when I picked up a pair of art deco inspired silver plated candlesticks with brass ball accent when I was in Vienna in spring.  I also like a classic silhouette because its timeless aesthetic works all the time! This bud vase has a gorgeous shape (needs a little cleaning but I love the patina) and it's by Birks!  It also came from one of the most jam-packed shops I have ever walked into and my eyes spotted this beauty under a pile of "stuff".

Tip 2: Be Connected

Local online treasure hunters are a great resource for one of a kind vintage finds.  Best of all, they are locals and you can meet them in person to save on shipping and custom charges.  Kijiji and Vintage Fine Objects are some of my go-to only resources.  Doug_Fritock of Modern Geometry 101 is also fabulous in the states.

I love birds and these glass sticks are just adorable!  Then of course I also couldn't resist the juicy fruit collection for my next summer party.  Thanks Jen!  The hex trays are made in Italy and believe it or not, they were scored from two different thrift stores!

Tip 3: Be Creative

I always look beyond the intended function of the objects and imagine the real potentials.  In this case, a solid glass candleholder is reimagined as a bud vase and this cheerful "Love Brings Rainbow" plate will be framed as wall art!

Tip 4: Be Brave

Vintage shops are often not as neat and tidy compare to regular home decor stores.  So when my friend and I accidentally discovered an AS-IS location of a thrift store, we both thought: jackpot!  This location literally has boxes of stuff and furniture on top on each other.  After some digging into the boxes and peeling back layers of furniture, I found this blue and white marbleized vase and a pair of brass "Z" side tables at unbeatable prices!  I am so going back for another visit.

The hex faux bamboo side tables are local kijiji finds and if you are interested, I have three of them just for you!

Tip 5: Be There

This is a tough one especially when we really don't "need" anything.  But if I only go to the St. Lawrence Antique Market in Toronto on Sunday when I "need" something, I would have never found this stunning coffee set! LOVE the mix metal and those handles!!

This doggie letter opener had be at hello and the tent-like silver box was from my trip to the East Coast last summer.  The faux bamboo chair was a kijiji find while all items on the bottom right image were from a garage sale for $2!

Hope you enjoy my tips on treasure hunting and inspired to check out your local shops or garage sales this weekend.  I would love hear what you've brought home!