Monday, July 11, 2016

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2016

Hello Monday! What a beautiful weekend and it was just perfect for the 55th Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in Toronto!  I have been a fan of the show for years and this year, the exhibition features 314 artists showcasing their best work and believe me, I wanted many pieces myself!

Today, I am sharing with you some of my favorite artists.

logo and bottom image courtesy of Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
The first booth I walked into this year was Ben Sellick.  First-timer at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, my eyes were instantly captivated by the scale and vibrancy of Ben's work. I was wowed by the intricate patterns, his technique, and I was most impressed by his meticulous attention to detail, patience, and his steady hands! 

Each of these pieces is composed of thousands of small pieces of color papers and magic happens as Ben creates art one tiny piece of paper at a time.  I love the radiant quality of the pink ring but the three dimensional aspect of the aqua ring.  So I debated for a couple of hours and before I could make up my mind, both pieces were sold!! 

Ben we will be in touch to create a showstopper for my living room! 

Speaking about impeccable attention to detail and steady hands, the paintings by Matt Beasant are entirely painted with paintbrushes.  I have no idea how Matt creates the silky smooth texture and seamless transition of colors but Matt did say it takes hours to perfect each piece!  Inspired by the Canadian wilderness, Matt masters abstraction and create harmony between sharp geometric objects and the tranquil backdrop. 

bottom left image courtesy of Matt Beasant
From painting to charming woodwork, I am crazy about these enchanting pieces by JB+DG.  The feather motif surely caught my attention (you all know I love birds), and their wooden planters turn the simple cactuses and succulents into sophisticated centrepieces! The flat round bowl with a little succulent in the middle is so chic!  Joseph and Dayna, we should talk! 

I first met Brett Lundy of Merganser Furniture at the Interior Design Show since I was attracted to his  handcrafted woodwork and superb workmanship. The console table with storage and fancy feet is still one of my favorite pieces to-date, and now I am in love with his wooden vases and the intricate patterns on his benches!

Graving for a glass object to make a statement? You have got to check out these beautiful bubbles  by Courtney Downman.  The juxtaposition between the organic silhouette and whimsical jellybeans inspired hues makes these glass vases sophisticated and fun!  

bottom left image courtesy of Courtney Downman Glass
The translucent quality and the aqua minimal inspired palette have drawn me to the work of Cheng-Ou Yu since I walked passed Harbourfront Centre in winter.  These vases exude elegance and grace when presented individually yet so impactful when they are showcased as a collection.

The crystal-like color reminds me of the turquoise water of Lake Louise and I was blown away by the beauty of Mother Nature.  I may just have to add this watery vase to my pottery collection!

top left image courtesy of Cheng-Ou Yu
The circle motif always gives me a sense of calmness thanks to its quiet and soothing form.  It is not surprising that I love these silver spoons, sugar bowl, and olive picks by Jay Joo.  Love the way Jay presented his products and I may just need to pick up the sugar spoon for my next tea party!    

Last but not least, I am officially obsessed with the brilliant work by Kal Mansur.  Instead of me trying to describe these exceptional masterpieces, here is Kal:

"Klash Inside creates acrylic art objects that reflect and refract light.  The works appear to be paintings, but a complex sculptural arrangement belies the surface and draws the viewer in.  

Each piece has a luminous quality and seems to be illuminated without a source of power.  They change with shifting viewing angles and varying light conditions."

Are you blown away by Kal yet? Well I am and Charcoal Valkyrie 8 is coming home with me!

image courtesy of Kal Mansur Studio
Hope you all enjoy the 55th Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition! I would love to hear what you've purchased for your home! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Everyone have this unique touch of art. Love your text!