Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spring / Summer 2016 ~ Walmart Edition

Hello Thursday! Isn't it just beautiful out now that spring has finally arrived with sunshines and temperature over 20C?  That's why all I can think of right now is to dust off the winter blues and welcome bright colors both inside and outside of our homes with lots of help from Walmart!

If you have a small yard in the middle of the city and would love give it a beachy destination vibe, look no further because Walmart has everything you need from foldable hammock loungers (extra easy for storage), breezy grassy umbrella (ah lo ha), to brightly patterned outdoor friendly pillows and dinnerware.

For the die-hard canadiana who loves camping and be in nature, how about celebrating Oh-Canada with a patriotic blanket and these faux wood stools + hello pillow for extra comfort?

Now that the outdoor space is taken care of, I am ready to tackle the interiors.  Nothing says summer better than swaying palm / stripe in navy and white paired with sea grass accents for a coastal nautical look.  If you are looking for an affordable instant makeover in your bedroom, this comforter set is it!

Boldly geometric patterns continue to dominate the design arena and Walmart has knocked it out of the park with its super chic pendant, mirror, and accessories against the sleek black and white backdrop.  Best of all, Walmart has an online shop so you can simply click and have your favorite new purchases shipped to your home or for pick up at a Walmart location nears you.  #Bravo!

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  1. I love the comforter set. Great print with those navy blue strips.