Friday, March 4, 2016

#ProjectChris ~ Living Room Part II

Hello Friday! From beautiful spring to wintery white, Toronto is once again covered with a fresh coat of fluffy fairy dusts.  If you are staying indoor and wondering how to give your home a quick refresh to welcome Spring in just 16 days, I may have an idea just for you.

Although fully re-decorating the living room may not be in the cards (and will probably take more than 16 days to execute), how about re-imagining a chair or a stool for a new lease of life?  THAT is exactly what I am going to show you today!

See the pair of chairs, the pair of stools and the Art Deco inspired side table? Well they all had a previous life and I am beyond excited of their transformations.  These were my game plans for the chairs and the stools.

First off are the chairs and the makeover is truly night and day.  From dated dusty rose to sophisticated + full of personality, all you need to do is to give the pair a second chance.

With beautiful curves, striking design of the arms / legs, and solid construction, these pair of garage sale treasures came home with me for just $25 (I am still pinching myself)!  Other than the caning damage at the back, the chairs were in impeccable vintage condition.  A fresh coat of glossy black (thanks Paul of Le Petit Paris Antiques and Decor) and some beautiful fabrics / ribbon, this stunning pair is luxe, super chic, and screaming  "look at me"!  

If you are attempting a similar project, my top tips are:

  • make sure the candidate is structurally solid: you don't want to spend a small fortune in repair cost just to keep the piece from falling apart
  • invest in fabrics: you may need very little yardage so this maybe your chance to splurge on that buttery smooth velvet or silk with embroidery without breaking the bank
  • think outside the box: who says the fabric of the front and the back has to be the same and who cares about what should be used for pipping? Each of the surfaces on this chair has a different fabric and the trim / pipping is actually a herringbone ribbon!   

The Art Deco side table is next and can you believe it was originally designed to be a stool in the bathroom? I wasn't too crazy about the white vinyl top and the chrome finish, but the base looks so chic with its high end silhouette! With a price tag of only $50, I knew I could give it a whole new look on a budget.

So what did I do? I called the amazing Tim of Beresford to apply gold leaf on the base.  We could have sprayed the base gold (faster and less expensive application) but I wanted the subtle texture of the leaf and that soft shimmery gold effect.  The result is forth every penny!

I also lucked out finding a glossy black tray with gorgeous mother of pearl inlays that is the exact size I need and it was on clearance! Are you ready for this? This complete makeover costs less than $250!

The third transformation in the living room is the pair of stool I scored from Target. I like the antique brass finish of the base but thought the upholstered seat wasn't cushiony enough.

A little leftover fabrics from the chair transformation + a piece of thicker, high density form did the trick.  Don't you just love that paisley?   

So are you now re-imagining a couple of pieces in your home? I would love to hear about your makeover projects! 

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  1. wow love those fabrics. The cane chairs turned out amazing.