Monday, January 25, 2016

IDS16 ~ Tom Dixon

Hello Monday! Are you recovered from an action-packed, inspiration-filled weekend at IDS Toronto?  What an amazing show this year with an incredible line-up of internationally renounced design superstars sharing their vision, their brand building journey, and what they are up to next in this ever-changing design arena.  Today, I am taking you through the artful installation and vibrantly colorful pop-up shop by Tom Dixon.

logos courtesy of IDS Toronto & Caesarstone
As part of a year long partnership with Caesarstone to design four unique kitchens representing four elements ~ ice, fire, earth and air:  

"The concept is to celebrate local heroic foods from four chosen cities. The four kitchens will create theatres of food and cooking that demonstrate the hard wearing qualities, durability and beauty of Caesarstone ... Every kitchen will be based on an element and will have a theme that refers to a feature of the local culture; water (ice) in Toronto, fire and earth in Milan and air in Tel Aviv and New York. "

To debut the collaboration, Tom Dixon picked ice for Toronto as he was inspired by Canada's impressive frozen lakes and how the icebreakers clear the way for freighters in winter.  Thanks to Faulhaber Communications, I had an invaluable opportunity to hear about the creative process and the making of #ICE from Tom Dixon and Jacob Peres, spokesperson of Caesarstone, at a preview tour.   

Though seriously meticulous from design concept to execution, Tom Dixon did give us a glimpse of his playful side as he "strikes the pose" for our pictures.

#ICExTD is all about the challenges between the huge icebreakers and the breathtaking lakes of Canada.  The organic shape of these Melt Chrome pendants mimics giant ice globes while the custom stools by Caesarstone demonstrate the strength and power as the icebreakers pave the ways in the winter months.  The base for the ice kitchen is composed from a series of triangular prisms in various sizes and heights (for preparing and serving food), displaying the beauty, quality, and versatility of Caeserstone surfaces.      

Here is an abstract representation of the icebreakers powering through the ice "leaving behind a frozen mix of jagged pieces in a spectacular array of whites and grey".

Thank you Caesarstone and Tom Dixon for this truly spectacular exhibition.

It goes without saying I am a big fan of the lighting, furniture, and accessory collections by Tom Dixon and thanks to Klaus by Nienkamper,  this luxurious UK brand is more accessible than ever to the public through this vibrantly colorful pop-up shop at #IDS16.

etch shade & logo courtesy of Tom Dixon
Copper shoes pairing with a plum purple dress, who says the classic wingback only belongs to a traditional home?  If you are not sold yet, how about a striking contemporary statement with the modern interpretation of a crystal wedding cake chandelier?

There is something for everyone at the pop-up shop.  From scented candle, desktop accessories, to entertaining essentials, what is your favorite?

graphic image via klaus by nienkamper 
It was such a treat to see how the furniture, lighting, and accessories work together beautifully in vignettes and be able to visualize the unique pieces in our own home.  I now have my eyes on a pair of plane short chandeliers over my next dream island!

image of Tom Dixon courtesy of Faulhaber Communications 
Thanks IDS Toronto for having Tom Dixon as the International Guest of Honor.  The pleasure really was all mine, especially for the chance to attend a Q&A session to learn that:

IDS16: How to standout in this competitive design world?
TD: Follow your heart, do what you want, and have your own voice. Never follow the crowd!   

IDS16: What do you attribute to your success? 
TD: Practice makes perfect (believe me I have made lots) and uniqueness drives success.  No one was there to stop me or criticize me from doing what I love with design theory (since I didn't go to design school).  My products were well received by the public at the launch and the rest is history.

IDS16: What is next at Tom Dixon? 
TD: I would like to explore textile and its application to my collection.         

That's a wrap for today.  EQ3 Assembly is up next!


  1. Great recap, Tim. Thanks for bringing us along to IDS via your post and social media.

  2. Thank you for such an inspirational design pictures. I love design events and I hope to visit some this year. Lucky you.