Monday, November 16, 2015

Style at Home Blog ~ PC Home Holiday Preview

Hello Monday! How's your holiday decoration coming along? My own Christmas party at Chris' condo is happening in 3 short weeks and I have yet to decide what to do in the decoration department!  Luckily PC Home is here to help and today, I am touring a beautifully decorated home dressed in three distinct color palettes on Style at Home Blog.

Isn't this just so glam and dramatic? 

I am also looking for ways present delicious treats and what great ideas to "borrow" at the PC Home holiday preview! 

Have you decided on a decorating style for this holiday season? Check out PC Home on Style at Home Blog to see how you can have it all! 


  1. Love all the decor Tim, from the decorations to the food. An entire house decked out for the holidays sounds like a fun way to experience and see the products come to life.

  2. Their holiday pillows this year were fantastic! I grabbed a few for myself - MUCH cheaper than at Indigo!!!