Monday, November 9, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide ~ Chic & Basta

Hello Monday! Have you been busy shopping this weekend? Yours truly shopped everywhere from fashion must-haves to home accessories (almost bought another chrome lucite bench until my left brain talked some senses into me) to get ready for the holidays.  Today, I want to share with you one of my latest discoveries: Chic & Basta!

images via Chic & Basta  
Chic & Basta is an online sensation and it was love at first sight after receiving an email from its founders, Manon and Louis.  Passionate for beautiful, unique, and practical objects and with a mission to be the ambassador for contemporary creators of Quebec, the stylish duos carefully curated their collection from Quebec designers, artisans, small manufacturers who produce masterpieces that are "authentic, contemporary, and of great aesthetic beauty."

"In presenting the products and the portraits of their creators, we want to create a connection between lovers of beautiful objects and those who made them ... We believe that people's soul is expressed in their objects and craft, that handmade objects or products of local artisans, design objects made in small series, are more beautiful, last longer, and ultimately provide more satisfaction than goods mass produced by industrial society"

I simply couldn't agree more and the way how Manon and Louis present their collection: simplicity, accentuate the beauty of the objects, and I want to frame them up as art!

images via Chic & Basta  
Speaking about striking art creation, here is a pure genius that combines design and function: "Hook" Clothes Rack

images via Chic & Basta  
What a spectacular creation (it even has a shelf for small items such as keys or phone) and I'd say it's the perfect holiday gift for under $100!

image via Chic & Basta  
I wasn't kidding when I said it was love at first sight.  Think my holiday wish list just got longer thanks to a quick browse of the ceramics section.

large soup bowl / large plate / soup bowl / egg cup
If you have been following me for awhile, you'd know I am a fan of Hugo Didier when I first met him at the One of a Kind Show.  Chris and I have recently developed a passion for poutine and aren't these poutine bowls just perfect for an afternoon party?   

images via Chic & Basta  
Chris is the chef in this household and he LOVES to barbecue.  I have been searching for the perfect apron for him and I think I have just found it! This stylish and practical black kitchen apron is constructed with high quality cotton with adjustable leather slings + metal tweezers detail, and it is fireproof!  This one is going into my cart right now!  

There are a lot more to see at Chic & Basta! I would love to hear what's your favorite. 

images via Chic & Basta  
Before I let you off to a great start this sunny Monday, we have a winner of a signed copy of Sarah Richardson's latest book: at home | SARAH STYLE.  Chris you are the lucky winner and please email me your contact info.  This inspiring and beautifully photographed book will arrive before Christmas! 

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  1. I just love this site - what amazing products they have. I've got them on my list too. Happy holidays Tim.