Thursday, November 19, 2015

Festival of Smalls ~ art interiors

Hello Thursday! Are you a fan of original art / photography and a supporter of talented Canadian artists? Well, you have come to right place today as I share with you my absolute favorites from the 2015 Festival of Smalls at Art Interiors.

For over 20 years, Art Interiors offers acclaimed artists, as well as up-and-coming new talents, a non-traditional gallery environment to showcase their work.  As a strong believer that everyone should be able to own an original work of art, Art Interiors strives to provide an affordable and accessible approach to art collecting for new art buyer and seasoned collector alike.

I fell in love with Elizabeth Lennie about a year ago as I've found myself drawn to her brush strokes, her use of colors, and her expression.  To me, her work exudes a sense of happiness and I simply couldn't get enough.


While we are in summer water splashing mode, let's capture the best season of the year from an aerial view!  Dean West did exactly that and don't you just love his whimsical approach to photography?

And if all we need is love this holiday season, I am digging these romantic scenes by Leila Cools with an overexposed effect.


And if these aren't enough, how about a little prism love by Kristofir Dean?

Chris always say that I like art that's a bit "moody".  Guess he does know me well and today, I am obsessed with this adorable kid by Kate Domina entitled: Winter Walk.

Ever since I visited the Princess Margaret Showhome this fall, I have been mesmerized by this captivating photograph by Maureen O'Connor.  I was delighted to find out that Maureen's new series, Threshold, has introduced deer, owl, and caribou for a dramatic contrast against the beautiful yet fragmented architectural surroundings.  I am crazy about these!  


As for Chris, I think he will like The Voyage the best.

Are you looking for one of a kind, original work of art, be sure to check out Festival of Smalls at Art Interiors! The show is on until December 24th.  

As for a little holiday + birthday gift to myself, I simply couldn't resist Matt's Alter Ego!  I will be picking him up real soon.

photo credits: all images courtesy of Art Interiors

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