Thursday, November 12, 2015

Design Inspirations ~ One Room Challenge

Hello Thursday!  If you are like me, who is constantly brainstorming on project ideas and looking for design inspirations, then you have got to check out One Room Challenge where 20 designers complete their spectacular transformations in six short weeks.

Today, I want to share with you a few of my favorites from the Fall 2015 makeovers.  First up is an eclectic, edgy, and elegant condo makeover.  That's right, Naomi didn't just re-imagine one room, she had given her entire condo a whole new personality!  

image via Design Manifest
You know I love small spaces especially when you need to be extra smart in layout and storage solutions to strike the right balance between function and style.  Naomi hits a home run with the sensational grasscloth in the foyer for a sumptuous first impression.  Isn't that mirror to die for? The dynamic play of furniture pieces with distinct styles is mind-blowing.  I love how they are unified through similar wood tone and inject warmth in this open-concept room with a chic grey & white palette.

images via Design Manifest
The kitchen is almost un-recognizable from its former glory.  Never underestimate the power of paint, simple white subway tiles, sleek brushed brass hardware (Lew's Hardware), stainless steel appliances, and hello gorgeous crystorama broche!

image via Design Manifest
What a beautiful shade of grey and I love how the faucet is installed off-centre, especially when you are tight in space.  Forget about the rules, do what works best for you!  Those brass stools are pure madness, and the richly colored runner gave this graceful kitchen its soul.

image via Design Manifest
From urban contemporary to timeless classic, our next stop is this English Countryside inspired living room by Kimberly Schlegel Whitman.  The beautiful antique game table, the vintage green lounger, the super chic checker draperies, and the priceless collection of treasured artwork, who wouldn't want to spend an afternoon right in this room?

images via Kimberly Schlegel Whitman
The horse motif strikes gold for me, literally with that brass picture hanging system.  What a clever idea and that sideboard is a stunner! I will need one in my next house.

image via Kimberly Schlegel Whitman
What inspires me the most in Kimberly's makeover is her sharp sense of style and her meticulous attention to detail.  Nothing is overlooked and that's what make her room stands out!  This club fender is pure genius (I have never seen it before), and may I just say how much I love the pair of Les Touche black pillows + the horsey tassel pull!

images via Kimberly Schlegel Whitman
Now we are over at  Hi Sugarplum for a bold and colorful living room.  You know I love blue and especially on high gloss built-ins.  As a matter of fact, I have been planning a similar idea in guest bedroom of #ProjectDreamHome and thanks to Cassie, I can now visualize how it would look like in my room!

image via hi sugarplum
For a guy who loves mixing colors, patterns, and textiles, hats off to Cassie for her deep navy + vibrant fuchsia palette with pops of brass (I am crazy about that mirror and pair of sconces), super daring choice on the second life rug, and wood accents for one mesmerizing transformation.  The whites help calm the space and act as a backdrop for this charming vignette! Yay to the fresh floral pillow from Tonic Living and the super soft throw from Pamuk and Co.

images via hi sugarplum
Thanks Cassie for another mind-blowing makeover!

image via hi sugarplum
#ProjectDreamHome may still be a couple of years away (life of a pre-construction owner), but I am about to kick start of a bathroom makeover at my family home.  This luxurious bathroom by Sue of The Zhush is definitely everything I want in my makeover: pairing stone with wallpaper, warmer overall tone (instead of the cool carrara), and an elegant vanity with ample of storage.

images via The Zhush
This wallpaper is a beautiful statement but also a fantastic solution to an otherwise architecturally challenged feature wall (where the vanity sits): you hardly notice the slope.  #Bravo Sue!  

images via The Zhush 
Back to Toronto, here is a Parisian bedroom by Vanessa.  From builder's original to a dream full of character, Vanessa is truly a master on how to use trim and moulding to a stunning effect.

image via Vanessa Francis Design
From a tranquil entrance of this master bedroom (love that light!) to the stylish reading nook (hello chair!), Vanessa has created a restful sanctuary for the well-deserved couple (especially the hard working designer!).

images via Vanessa Francis Design
Another element I always love in Vanessa's work is her dresser + mirror vignette.  Isn't this a breathtaking photo? That glass door from Metrie, I need a pair of them in my next foyer!

image via Vanessa Francis Design
Last but not least, I am most applaud to my dear friend Christine for taking the time to do things right and to make sure the fabulous home she builds is every bit as stylish and safe for her family.  Hold your head up and high Christine, we are all so very proud of you and inspired by all the astonishing makeovers your completed in the earlier challenges.  XOXO

images via Christine Dovey 
A big round of applaud to the 20 participants for all their hard work and dedication to inspire us with transformations that are nothing short of spectacular.  Congrats Linda of Calling it Home for another round of successful One Room Challenge!

image via Calling it Home


  1. HI Tim, thanks so much for this lovely mention and featuring these rooms. You have excellent taste :). I love all things Canada.

    1. thanks so much Linda for bringing the talented group & sponsors together for the amazing round this fall! Looking forward to spring 2016!

  2. Thanks so much for your support and kind words Tim. There was so much talent in this round. xo

    1. Well you know I love your magic touch with trim and the signature vignette with round mirror! so proud of you V!