Thursday, October 29, 2015

Behind-the-Scenes ~ A Blogger Christmas

Hello Thursday! Are you all excited about holiday decoration after checking out my Beautifully Bold Christmas special for Style at Home? I certainly can't wait to decorate my tree this year (probably happening this weekend) and today, I want to share with you the fun and hard work on the making of A Blogger Story.

The brainstorming process started around November with my jumping off point being this captivating wallpaper (Raphael in dark blue) by Sandberg. I wanted to use this paper for a long time and it was the perfect backdrop for a dynamic, sumptuous vignette. While the felt bird ornaments (p'ilo), the pom pom blankets as tree skirt (Black Rooster Decor), and the DIY moss wreath add an organic touch, the gold parrot, the spiky tree topper, and the arts from The Aestate give this blue and white vignette an edgy twist.

The sapphire blue shatterproof ornaments from The Home Depot come in a variety of shapes and sizes in both matte and glossy finishes. I am in love the collection and I can't wait to use them in my own home this Christmas!

With the planning and sourcing out of the way (it was nerve-racking to say the least to coordinate it all over Christmas when I was physically in Germany), the real fun took place on install day. From blank canvas at Stacey's studio to fully decked out in just one day … the pressure was on!

flowers / crescent bottle opener / pineapple art / stool
I have used wallpaper in almost every project but have never done an  install myself. Thanks Morgan for sharing her smart trick: mighty strong double sided tape! Cut to measure and simply applied to the back of the paper + 2 pairs of steady hands (and someone not afraid of height to climb up the ladder… Thanks Morgan!!): wallpapering checked!

It does take a small army to put a vignette together, but with the amazing Erin McLaughlin, Editor-in-Chief of Style at Home, in studio offering her expert advice on vignettes and designs, the process was truly an inspiring experience.

After a long day of installation, we were almost ready for Stacey! It was all hands on deck to fine-tune the finishing touches in the morning of Day 2 and somehow still I managed to snap these behind-the-scene photos! Got to love these two doing the final inspection!

Being a part of a professional photoshoot is an absolutely incredible experience. I've learned so much about composition of objects, lighting, angle of camera and precision of focus in one short day: Stacey is the best!

gift wrap / ribbons
Here are some of my favourite shots from the shoot (I love the beautiful orchid from Pistil Flowers, and of course the stool and chair from the Sarah Richardson collection):

Thanks so much Morgan, Ann Marie, and Erin for this amazing opportunity and Jen & Christine, we did it!!

image via Morgan Lindsay


  1. This is so cool. Love your bold and beautiful Christmas decor!

  2. I heart you so much!!!! Your vignette was perfect!

  3. I love your room so much and am so happy we got to be a small part of it. Congrats!