Monday, September 21, 2015

Princess Margaret Showhome 2015 ~ Front Hall & Living / Dining Room

Hello Monday! I had a super fun and inspiring brunch with Brian Gluckstein this past weekend at the breathtaking Princess Margaret Showhome 2015 and may I just say: WOW!  It's no secret that I love Brian's work (check out the 2013 and 2014 Showhome) and although this is a classic traditional home, Brian has brilliantly designed the house to be formal yet cozy, sophisticated yet playful.

There are so much to share with you at this year's showhome so I thought why not divide and conquer.  Today, we are checking out the front hall and the adjacent living & dining rooms.

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
This is such a stunning front entrance with arched window + double doors soaring to the ceiling.  The stone floor is a practical and beautiful design choice. Its variation of greys hides all dirt and works seamlessly with the custom wall treatment.  I initially thought these walls were covered with grasscloth wallpaper... well, it is actually a hand painted finish.  It looks so luxurious (thanks to the subtle sheen) and its texture creates dimension and depth. 

Of course it wouldn't be a BG's project without Brian's signature use of mouldings and symmetrical layouts to elevate the timeless, classic look.

images courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
What a serene foyer to say hello to in the morning and to welcome you home after a long day at work!

Speaking about serenity, here is a magnificent living and dining room to lounge and to entertain.  The 17' x 30' space is fully utilized with three distinct zones with 3 sofas, 4 occasional chairs, formal dining for 6, and yet the space feels light and airy thanks to its delicate palette of greys and espresso accents.

images courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
What an elegant and sumptuous room with soaring windows to fill the room with natural lights, luxurious furnishings with gracious silhouettes, and decadent accessories that demand our attention.

I have never been a fan of arched windows as I always find it challenging to outfit them with window treatment.  Well, not anymore! Thanks Brian for the inspiration and insightful tips!

Another lesson I learned here is that furniture do not need to be backed against walls.  Every individual chair, sofa, or table are placed away from the wall to create an intimate and inviting atmosphere in this spacious space.  The fact that it has three openings into the foyer and front hall makes this formal living / dining room "less formal" and says, "come on in". 

I clearly can't get enough of this view and here are a few of my favourite shots.

Opposite to the opulent pure grey of serenity is this hugely dramatic wall mural for an undeniable wow factor.  It captivates my eyes immediately, and it is the perfect juxtaposition to the calm and tranquil living room.  After all, the dining room is an evening space and I love it with a punch (see my own dining room here).  Bravo Brian!   

Here is video of Brian sharing with us his design process of this spectacular showhome!

Another behind-the-scene footage of how this room comes together:

And see the delicious chocolate brown space on the other side of the front hall? We are lounging there next on Thursday!


  1. It is without a doubt cozy and perfect! I'll be sure to invite you over after I win :)

  2. Brian, he is perfect to me...and he watches Corrie, my fav. The house is spectacular as always. Cheers Tim

  3. I recently came across Sophie Patterson's instagram account and her use of greys is very similar to Brian's. Classic and timeless.

  4. So glad that you all love the living room! Some have asked me where some of the items are from, here is the office source list: