Thursday, September 24, 2015

Princess Margaret Showhome 2015 ~ Family Room, Kitchen & Study

Hello Thursday! Did you enjoy touring the living and dining rooms of the Princess Margaret Showhome? I noted some tips for my next condo project on Monday, and I want to share a few more design ideas I've learned from Brian!

Today we are checking out the rest of the first floor: the family room, the kitchen, and the study.

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
The family room shares the same meticulous attention to detail as the living room, but it has a completely different personality thanks to the delicious chocolate on all walls.      

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
I usually like a lighter palette and once thought brown would never make a come-back.  Well, Brian has shown me how to use this decadent shade of brown to add warmth, character, and to make a room feels "sexy".  With a feature wall outfitted by a magnificent fireplace & statement artworks, handosme furniture pieces from Brian's furniture collection, and luxurious draperies that accenturate the soaring ceiling height, there is always something to look at in this sensational room.  

One of the design tricks I picked up from this room is Brian's brilliant use of mirrors.  The full length mirrors on either side of the fireplace do not only reflect natural light from the beautiful windows, they also create depth, dimension, and when well executed, you won't even noticed these are mirrored walls!   

Do you know that there are many colors available for colored mirror? I only knew of the regular mirror or the antique finish, now I am crazy about this bronze mirror for its rich, sumptuous look. 

Brian's tip on how to give a room its soul: artworks.  If there is one thing that immediately reflects your personality and voice, it's art.  In this family room, every wall surface is graced by one of a kind master piece.  Which one speaks to you? 

Another amazing detail I adore in this room: the custom trim treatment on the ceiling.  It's not too difficult to install but what an impact it made to the 5th wall! 

Ready to check out the kitchen? I bet you do.  Surrounding by windows on three sides and a mega island with a beautiful countertop (Symphony Grey 5133 from Caesarstone) that houses everything from cooktop, dishwasher, double sink, and casual dining from 4 to 6, this kitchen is the ultimate sweet spot when entertaining.  Imagine a fun garden party in a gorgeous summer evening with these french doors open to transform this kitchen into an indoor / outdoor space. 

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
More tips from Brian on how to decorate a kitchen:

I had such a great time at #BrunchwithBrian and this recipe for the Old Fashioned by Conor Brown from her Majesty's Pleasure scored A+++.  Try it out at your next dinner party:

"In a chilled Old Fashioned glass, use one sugar cube and dilute with a drop of simple syrup and 4-5 dashes of Angostura bitters. Use 3-4 generous amounts of orange zest. Muddle together until liquid and add 1 oz of bourbon and ice. Stir for about 10-15 revolutions and then top with ice and add the other 1 oz of Bourbon. Stir again. Garnish with orange peel rimmed in glass. You can also use a maraschino cherry but make sure they are the real ones!" 

image of Old Fashioned via Gluckstein Home
Before heading upstairs to see the bedrooms, Brian has added a study by the landing area between the two floors.  It's such a creative use of space and what a lavish study dressed in classic mauro red.

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweepstakes
Small in square footage but this richly colored study definitely stands out in the primarily grey and white main floor.  It also serves as a beautiful backdrop as you walk down the front hallway.

image courtesy of Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweeptakes
A few things I absolutely love in the study:
  • sculptural chandelier by Avenue Lighting available at Universal Lighting 
  • classic arm chairs from ELTE Market
  • statement built-in bookcases 
  • unique brass and lucite accessories, like these candleholders for a touch from the past in this brand new showhome 

It wasn't easy to take pictures of this study (the staircase and the lighting with the big window at the back) but I did manage to capture a couple to share with you:

Ready to use of Brian's design tricks in your own home? Learn more on how to make a home look luxurious here.

Happy weekend and I will see you on Monday to check out the master bedroom & ensuite!

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