Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Live Large w/ Tiny House, Big Living

Hello Wednesday! With today's super hot real estate market, it is increasingly difficult to own a little piece of heaven within the city that is larger than a postage stamp.  Of course I'd love a large beautiful house, but the reality is that I could only afford a one bedroom + den without a winning a lottery. Small spaces are truly blessings in disguise as they force us to be more resourceful and creative in our solutions to customize the cookie cutter units into a home that reflect our personality. 

Take my bedroom for example: there is absolutely no storage in my bedroom.  The plus side is that I have a huge floor to ceiling window for natural sunlight and a square box of approximately 100 square feet.  To create a proper wardrobe system in my blank canvas, I'd combined standard kitchen cabinets and made-to-order wood componets that maximize both function and style.  Did I mention how much I love this feature wall?      

image courtesy of Style at Home & Donna Griffith
Speaking about stunning and practical feature wall, this is a small den (about 50 square feet) that needs to double-duty as home office + dining room.  The pair of bookcases provide an ideal spot to incorporate a table.  Another benefit of using the standard bookcases is that we could easily pick up some doors and voila, we have closed storage!  

image courtesy of Style at Home & Donna Griffith
Up next is a small bedroom with a standard closet.  You know there is never enough storage space in a lady's bedroom and this one is no exception.  Instead of bringing in an armoire, we selected a bed with four large built-in drawers. 

The large window is a great asset, but it also presented a challenge on how to best use the space.  Knowing this window offers the best view in the condo and natural light is what girls want to put on makeup, we created a custom vanity with two dressers as the table base and placed a white painted board on top as work surface.

Now this bedroom is not only a sumptuous retreat in the evening, it's also an inspiring space to work and the perfect spot to get ready in the morning.      

image courtesy of Style at Home & Donna Griffith
Now if you are looking for ingenious ideas on how to live large in small spaces, you have got to watch Tiny House, Big Living on HGTV Canada premieres this Sunday, September 6 at 10 and 10:30 pm ET/PT.  Here is a little sneak peek of the show:

image courtesy of HGTV Canada
Love the sleek, contemporary design of this living quarter with an efficient kitchen, maximum storage, a lofty bedroom, and a beautiful sunset deck!  

image courtesy of HGTV Canada
Can't wait to watch the first two episodes of Tiny House, Big Living this Sunday.  Do you have tips on small space living? I would love to hear them!

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