Thursday, June 18, 2015

#HDBlogSquad ~ Project Deck (Reveal)

Hello Thursday! Father's Day is just around the corner, are you ready to surprise you dad with a truly special gift this year? For this Father's Day, I have decided to give my dad's deck a total facelift with lots of help from The Home Depot.

You have seen my design concept, my progress report, and today I am ready for the big reveal!    

I love watching design shows with the dramatic before and after.  Well here is the before of this lonely corner with Mr. Kangaroo.

This corner will never be lonely anymore! With this stylish and super comfortable Elmsley sectional set, fresh begonia for bright, cheerful color, and a collection of decorative accessories that scream boho-chic, who wouldn't want to hang out here for a cocktail or two?

If you are in the market for a contemporary, low-maintenance, and very well-priced outdoor set this season, let you tell you why I am in love with Elmsley.  From a practical / functional standpoint, it is easy to assemble, fully versatile (the chaise can be on the left or right), and its tailored silhouette means no wastage of space.  Best of all, the set comes with an ottoman with built-in storage!

As for design, I love the streamline, handwoven resin wicker look.  The charcoal grey and natural linen palette also makes this sectional set the ultimate sophisticated backdrop for the pillows of your dreams.  Add a tray, a couple of lanterns, and some fresh blooms, I am ready to host a summer party!    

I love these shots and here is my tip on creating a beautiful outdoor oasis:

Next area of improvement is the staircase.  It was bare-bone basic and half-hazard at night without any outdoor light.  I also hate looking at the underside of the deck every time I walk up those steps.     

With a few pieces of lumber, a couple coats of paint, and some elegant deck lights, these steps are now perfect to welcome you to the deck awaits.  

The back corner of the deck needs attention, and I also want to disguise the neighbor's house (plus a little extra privacy).

Now it's an ideal spot for two to enjoy the morning coffee, and a much better sightline the moment you walked up those steps.

I have got to take a moment to talk about the Margie chairs.  Mid-century inspired in style, these chairs are stackable for easy storage and they are built to last in our climate.  Best of all, they are less than $50 a piece!  Sold in store only, you all better head over to The Home Depot before they are all sold out.

Determined to utilize every square inch of the deck, my goal is to turn this spot into a serving station for summer entertaining.  

My initial plan was to improve the lighting and add a BBQ.  However, as I placed the essential pieces on the deck, I realized there wasn't enough space for the deluxe BBQ I'd ordered.  A quick shopping around the house landed me with a tray table that's up for the task.  On a brighter note, this much better looking outdoor light came in a box and was installed like a dream.  

The deck now has a cohesive look from every corner and is a much more usable outdoor real estate.  Here are some of my favorite detail shots:

So what are you up to this Father's Day? I know I will be having a fabulous time hanging out here on Sunday!


  1. What a fantastic makeover! Your dad must be thrilled Tim. Looks like the perfect space for the two of you to relax and enjoy each other's company. Love the deck lights and the planters. Really great ideas!

    1. Thanks Jen! It was surely lots of fun putting it all together and yes it's the perfect place to spend an afternoon chatting and relax :) Can't wait to see your transformation too!

  2. Looks incredible, Tim! Using the raised planters was a genius idea to disguise the neighbour's house and add privacy for your dad. The lanterns and side tables are perfect additions, too. And the step lights - convenient. You have thought of everything!

    1. Thanks Jordana!! I love those raised planters too and they totally provide privacy and I no longer see the bricks from my neighbnour's house! The stair is a big improvement and love those lights!

  3. Tim! This looks amazing!!! Your dad must be beyond thrilled with his new space!

    1. Thanks Brittany! Can't wait to see yours too! Looking fabulous already via instagram!