Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#HDBlogSquad ~ Project Deck (Part 2)

Hello Wednesday! Father's Day is fast approaching and I have been working overtime to give my dad's deck a complete makeover with lots of help from The Home Depot.  I've shared with you my design concept last week, and today I am ready to show you some progress!

Here is a quick reminder of the tired and uninspiring deck at my family home.  Though lacking style and coziness, it offers a solid structure, decent size of real estate (15' x 11'), and I am determined to give it a well-deserved facelift by updating / improving three key elements:

Before we could get to the pretty, we have to do our prep work.  After a long and cold winter, the deck is in need of a thorough clean.  We started off by brushing off the dried leaves / spring seeds, and followed by the duo action of power wash + heavy duty brush to clean off stubborn dirts or lose paints.

We've left the deck alone for a couple of days before applying our first coat of paint.  I am no expert in outdoor painting but my gut says it's probably wise to allow the surface completely dried off before the painting begins.

Picking the right paint is important to ensure a strong adhesive bond between the paint and the wood, especially at a high traffic area.  The expert at The Home Depot suggested me to go for the BEHR PREMIUM low-lustre enamel Porch & Patio floor paint for easy application and maximum durability.  Best of all, it can also be color-matched to your favorite paint chip!

Two coats of serene mid-tone grey later, we are ready to tackle other areas such as the flower boxes and other decorative details.

Here is a beautiful porch I absolutely love.  I walk by this house every weekend and secretly wish that I will be able to recreate this at my own home one day.  I couldn't really incorporate all the decorative details in the deck makeover and so I decided to update the lattice around the deck.

The existing lattice has seen better days and after 10 mins of demolition, the deck was looking 10 times better already!

Initially I have planned to install horizontal wood planks for a crisp modern statement.  However, Dad is more traditional and he prefers the classic lattice look.  So here is our compromise: checker lattice.

As for the wood planks, we have used them to build custom flower boxes around the deck to hold these plastic planters for an ultimate low maintenance garden solution.

Last but not least, we are also refreshing the stair and while at it, why not add on some lights? These LED deck lights look fantastic at night and they are super easy to install.  My dream is to have the treads done in cedar and the risers painted grey with outdoor treated lumber.  Sadly my reno guy didn't get that memo and by the time I realized cedar wasn't part of his shopping list, he'd finished revamping the stair.

Well the new stair looks great ... only it will be painted entirely grey.

Desperately trying to stay positive, I've turned my attention to my favorite part of this deck makeover, the decorating & planting.  Check out these sneak peeks!

My plan is to get the deck makeover completed this weekend so my dad can actually enjoy it on Friday's Day.  Wish me luck of that and before I head back to work, I am super excited to share my latest feature as a lifestyle expert with The Home Depot on small outdoor living.  Thanks Calgary Sun for having me!

image via Calgary Sun


  1. Looking great! I hope you will share how you made those fabulous flower boxes around the deck railing. What a good idea.

  2. It's coming along beautifully, Tim! I adore those raised planter boxes.